Outstanding resume 2022

What is good resume 2022 about these days

More and more people are thinking about new job or position in other, more perspective company. We can assume, that you are the one of those person, also know as a “job seeker”, who’s looking for a something new and much better than it was on a previous place of work.

It’s isn’t hard to understand, that today we’re going to talk about resume. Simply because it’s the first thing hiring managers would ask you. We do believe, that you have updated your resume 2022 according to the latest resume format trends. If not, it’s not a problem, because right now we’re going to write about it below.

Is it worth to pay for a resume?

The one of the most often question a common job seekers asked me tons of times. Still, I do recommend to pay for your resume once, asking to proofread it. There are lot’s of different professions certified resume writers (also known as CPRW), who can bring you any consulting services. But I personally recommend you to try career and resume writing consulting service.

Why do I need to pay money for such a work? You don’t need, BUT if you’d like to enhance your chances to get a right job faster without stucking on screening process, it worth to pay money for that. Simply, a good CPRW could help you to avoid the most common resume mistakes 2022 and would boost your chances.

Resume format 2022 – Does it still matter?

What is resume format? It’s all about how you structure information across your resume. Depends on your career path and what position you would like to obtain, different formats of resume could bring you extra benefits.

The most common resume formats are:

  • Functional resume format
  • Chronological resume format
  • Combination resume format
  • Federal resume format
  • Short resume format
  • Infographic resume format

Each type of the resume above has it’s own pros and cons, but you need to remember, that the final reader of your resume will be recruiter. Please, keep it in your mind, before you would start writing your CV.

How to get a job in 2022 without resume

To be frank, it would be much harder to get a job without resume, but still it’s possible. Let’s try to talk a bit about different typesย  of job searching.

Passive job searching. Let’s imagine you don’t have resume, but you used to work for pretty long period of time in different companies. Your resume is fully outdated. A good solution here could be LinkedIn here. Change your status to “open for a new opportunities” and wait till recruiters would start messaging you. The only one thing you need to care about is how to optimize your Linkedin profile to boost it in search.

Active job searching. An opposite approach to the one above. You need to preparer your resume. The main goal here is to apply your resume for a different positions.

Where you can apply your resume:

  • Job-searching platforms (aka Glassdoor or Indeed)
  • Facebook job ads
  • Relevant job position in social groups

How to start writing an outstanding resume 2022

Sometimes it’s really hard to start writing your resume. Basically, it could be some reasons here: it’s fully outdated and you don’t know what to change or add OR you need some templates.

Resume templates is the best solution for those candidates, who don’t know where to start. There are tons of different resume templates on the web for a specific positions.

If you still find some difficulties with resume templates, perhaps you need to think about good resume builder. It’s a good solution, which could save your time.