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50+ Awesome resume templates 2022

Does your resume format 2022 need a refresh?

If yes, you’re in the right place. As you know, lots of jobs seekers think that you should not use some creative resume templates in your resume. In some cases it make sense. But if you want to impress your reader and attract hiring manager’s attention – it’s time to switch on your fantasy, open your mind and have a look on the best resume templates we prepared for you in 2022.
Let’s have a start from more simple and not so bright resume templates 2022. The main idea here – to show how unique person you are and how deep in your soul creative person leave.

Minimal&Flat resume templates 2022

Are you ready? Let’s go! Here you would not find some bright colors or creative approaches in design. All you can see below is – amazing feel on how designer combined font sizes and positioning of the objects. Not too much and no empty spaces. Looks like it would be a trend for UI/UX designers or some other people who prefers smart and “economic” resume template design.

Clean&color resume templates

Let’s add more colors after so strict and black&white designs. Here we would like to present you the same style but in different design approaches.

resume template 2022 inspired 1
resume template 2022 inspired 2
resume template 2022 inspired 3
resume template 2022 inspired 4
resume template 2022 inspired 4
resume template 2022 inspired 4

Two-page resume templates

It’s really funny, but lots of hiring managers, even in huge companies are still arguing about what resume format 2022 it’s better to choose: One-page resume format or two-page resume format.
If to be honest, it based on the position you are applying for and your relevant experience. Also, if you’re looking for a federal job – you can’t use one-page resume. So, Let’s have a look on how creative two-page resumes templates could be.

Creative resume templates 2022. How they looks like?

Usually, there are tons of different resumes are lying on the table of average US hiring manager. How to outstand your resume from the mass? How to show them that you’re unique and your candidacy would fit the best? Just one answer – creative resume for creative people!

And it’s not all! Next week our writers would prepare more interesting and amazing resume templates for you! Remember to add us to your subscribers and like give us a “+” if you really liked our post!

Reasons to choose resume template 2022

We know how important to choose proper template to show hiring manager that you are not just an average candidate who is looking for a new opportunities. You are the one, who would like to impress hiring managers with your creative and serious approach searching for a new job. And that’s why we Decided to create a new post about the latest resume templates 2022 which are in trend nowadays and get the highest response rate.
So, why we Decided to prepare some 2022 resume templates for you?
Doesn’t matter who you are: just graduated from the university without real working experience or senior specialist who is looking for a career change, your first goal is to be hired. Yeah?
All of us know – first impression is really important. You could say NO, because some guru says that it’s not a good idea to use creative resume template in 2022 and there are lots of other professional resume formats,  BUT you would like to land the job or not?
How do you think which resume will attract more attention: creative or standard? No need to answer this question. the right answer – creative. Which resume hiring manager will remember? Yes, the right answer is creative. And that’s why we would like to suggest you 20 winning resume templates 2022 to choose the one you’d like the most.

It’s hard to design resume template 2022

Yes, and that’s true. The main problem is – job seekers sometimes spend too much time, trying to find the right template to choose. And it’s only the half of the things done, the other part – to create. Using our resume templates you dont need to think about how to format your resume, We collect the most relevant resume templates with the highest response rate.
All 20 templates are different in what information is prioritized. We tried to combine some formats, add something creative and tested. For each field there are different approaches. If you’re just graduated, hiring managers would like to see your skills and education first. Or if you’re a good software developer, it’s important to highlight you skills first and then your work history.
Anyway, be careful and carefully read job descriptions. Applying for some positions you should use white resume format only. So, be attentive to such details.

20 killing resume templates 2022

web designer resume template 2022
resume template 2022
creative resume template 2022
resume template 2022
UX designer resume template 2022
resume template 2022
awesome resume template 2022
resume template 2022
resume template 2022 with photo
resume template 2022
resume template 2022 with rounded skills diagram
resume template 2022
clean resume template 2022
resume template 2022
organized resume template 2022
resume template 2022
Prioritized resume template 2022
resume template 2022
Cloud skills resume template 2022
resume template 2022
Green styled resume template 2022
resume template 2022
Adobe style resume template 2022
resume template 2022
Responsive resume template 2022
resume template 2022
Comprehensive resume template 2022
resume template 2022
resume template 2022 with skills
resume template 2022
Creative resume template 2022
resume template 2022
Outstanding resume template 2022
resume template 2022
Winning resume template 2022

And it is not all we have for you! We’re doing more researches and will be ready to provide you with a new killing resume formats 2022 soon! If you’d like to know more about resume formats 2022, read and edit your resume according to the latest resume formats.

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