Best Job Search Sites 2022

When you did almost everything and have prepared for an active job search – you need to be ready for another step of job searching process.  What step? Do you know where to search your new job? Seem like it’s not an easy process for everybody. We know that and decided to prepare an outstanding list of job searching portal to GET THE JOB in 2022.

Make your job searching process much easier in 2022 using our list!

Once you have prepared your resume, picked the latest resume format and template – you don’t know where to start. Now we’re going to help you on where to find an outstanding jobs. And here we go..

#1 – Mashable

It’s not only website with tons of interesting posts. It’s also a huge website with tons of different media job ads. There are many media and social jobs for those, who would like to get a job in this area.

#2 – VentureBeat

If you are an IT specialist and looking for a new position, this website is a really good place for you. There are tons of different job ads for all kind of tech specialists of different levels.

#3 – IEEE

It’s a dedicated website for an engineering vacancies. Outstanding website with engineer positions with extended filters. You have a great ability to search by an employer or company you would like to work in.

#4 – DICE

The #1 website for an IT specialists. The hugest databese of job ads on the labor market all round US. If we’re talking about unique features – it’s their candidate’s daatbase. It’s possible to add your uniques skills and let hiring manager to search you by them. Cool UX and effective job alerts with the newest job ads.


Another cool place for those, who are looking for IT jobs. Extended filters and daily updated jobs for those candidates, who would like to get employed in short terms. Really cool websites!


Financial, banking or othe fin staff specialists – place #1 to find a job for you. The most interesting vacancies in this area is all here. Over 9K jobs are plcaed here in different sectors and for different levels.



If you decided to a small break and deep into a cooking – culintro is a good choice. Are you a cheaf in the restaraunt? Or you are waitor? If you are looking for a position in restaraunt area, feel free to visit this website and have a look latets vacant position. You will be suprised.


Over 200K+ different position in Medicine area. Extended filters, positions for different levels and custom job alerts. It’s all in one place. It’s a cool niche job search portal for candidates, who are looking medicine position.

We’re upadating our list weekly. To be continued…

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