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Anne Finnegan – Certified Resume Writer Anne Finnegan is a Certified Professional Resume Writer based in New York with over 15 years of experience in writing, editing, and proofreading. As a certified professional resume writer, I help people achieve college or grad school admittance and job search success by developing top-notch tools and skills. Using […]

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50+ Awesome resume templates 2022

Does your resume format 2022 need a refresh? If yes, you’re in the right place. As you know, lots of jobs seekers think that you should not use some creative resume templates in your resume. In some cases it make sense. But if you want to impress your reader and attract hiring manager’s attention – […]

resume tips 2022

Resume Tips for 2022 – 2022

Looks like New Year it’s a good challenge for those, who decided to change their job and find something new for themselves. If you’re looking for a some new opportunities, it’s a good idea to craft your resume 2022. You may ask yourself, why should i change my resume year to year and does it […]

Resume Format 2022

How to format resume 2022

How to land the job you dream on Have you ever thought about, what does hiring managers think about when they are reading your resume? We guess – you don’t! And this is normal situation, because they think about how to close such position as fast as they can and how to get their commission. […]

Career advice 2022

LinkedIn job search in 2022

According to the latest stats, there are over 400 million people are using LinkedIn for their job search. And this professional network helps job seekers and hiring managers to find a good job or to find a candidate, based on their needs. Also, there are some other interesting facts about LinkedIn: Only 42% job seekers are […]