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We have already heard some stories about job seekers, who are hesitant about what resume 2022 format is better to choose in their case. And what case did they have? Not the most common, but still you can easily face it on the labor market. This is case of those candidates, who has both – amazing career path and outstanding skills, which they would like to show to the hiring manager. That’s why today we’re going to show you another resume format – combination resume format (also known as hybrid resume format).

How Combination resume format 2022 Looks like

It’s not a secret, that candidates would like to show their candidacy in the most positive light. That’s why some candidates are looking for resume formats, which would let them show both things: skill set and career path. Resume structure stay the same. BUT with additional accents in your resume structure.

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What is a Combination Resume for 2022?

Combination resume format is not as widely used as a chronological or functional resume template. There are many reasons on why it happens. The first one a combination resume where was created to combine two different formats – chronological and skills-based resume. how it looks like a mixed resume, also known as a hybrid resume format.

Combination resume 2022 man was created for those jobseekers who already have a bit of a wide experience behind their back. At the same time these candidates, not only want to show their experience in the specific field or area, but they would like to show they are hard and soft skills. that’s where a combination resume has an outstanding advantage over other resume templates.

A good combination resume your skills and previous experience.

Blue receive tons of different questions about this type of resume format period the first and the most important was – How to combine skills and relevant experience in one resume? It’s not really hard. This is the main goal of combination resume. You are trying to show your relevant skills according to your previous experience and the most impressive achievements at the same time. That’s how this type of resume template could help you to attract hiring manager’s attention to your candidacy.

Although you need to understand that a combination resume is not only focused on your skills. You have a list of your job duties already shown in your experience section. It’s really good for those candidates who would like to change the area and don’t want to be focused on their main hard skills.

Combination resume 2022 format – Who should use

If all the written below is about you – use hybrid resume format 2022

Let’s try deep into hybrid resume format to understand when do you need to use it and when it would help you to highlight your strength, rather that would only unhide your weaknesses. Hybrid resume format has both sided – good and bad. We would write a bit later about all the poses and cons of this resume format, but now we would write few words about how destructing it could be for the job seeker.

Think twice, before you will say to yourself – i’m going to choose combination resume format. Because in some cases, it could be hard to show your resume in the most positive light. Why? Because using this type of resume template allows you to mix your skill-set with a chronological resume. Hiring managers are trying to find what they want in your resume and using this format in incorrect way, would only decrease your chances. So, if you are hesitant about use or not, it’s better to use other resume format.

Combination Resume Word Templates for 2022

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Who OR When you need to use combination resume format:

  1. When your career path was not impressive and you don’t have strong hard skills to show in your resume. In that case you have a great chance to MIX both “minuses” to get a great “PLUS”;
  2. You still don’t have exciting employment history. And if you are a fresh grad, who has graduated and has worked somewhere. Hybrid resume format is a good option for you. You have already gained some skills and ready to show your employment history;
  3. Tired of what you do? Looking for new challenges in other area? Yes, seems like we have found a career changer. This type of resume format is right for you;
  4. Those candidates, who decided to re-enter a labor market and try themselves again.

Combination Resume Format in 2022 – Structure

The structures of all resumes are most likely the same. They all have their own resume sections and blocks, formatted according to specific rules. A combination resume is not an exception from the rules. some sections are most likely the same, but some of them are different from other resume formats. That’s why we would like to show you what to include in each section and how to format them, according to the latest resume 2022 rules.

1. Basic Information

As usual, each resume has the common sections, which should be included in each resume. Such fields are: your email, address, phone number, LinkedIn profile and so on. you can avoid to adding them into your resume, but how are you going to get an invitation to an interview? There are no any specific rules on how to add into information to this resume section, but already added info should be easy to be found by a hiring manager.

2. Achievements and Experience

Hybrid resume format was created to show two different things: skills and your relevant experience. Don’t be afraid to show both of them in your resume. Your main goal is to convince a hiring manager that you are the right one candidate to fit the desired position. Don’t worry if you don’t have any achievements at all. That doesn’t mean that you are a bit candidate. Maybe you simply don’t know how to show them in your resume. Some candidates face the same issue, when it comes to overwriting their own accomplishments or achievements. They simply don’t know where to start.

Remember the main rule – if you know how to show measurable achievements, you will beat your main competitors. Why? Because hiring managers can’t measure how well you are, until they could see that in your resume. Simply because they are not a specialist in your field or area. If you are going to help them to understand how well you are, you will have much more chances to get an invitation to an interview.


Don’t worry if you have really too much skills period some candidates would like to show a walk professional experience over there skills. It’s not about a combination resume. Skills matters. That’s why a combination resume could help you to emphasize your candidacy over other job seekers.

You can’t put everything on your skills, but at the same time it’s not a chronological resume template. The main goal of this resume template is to mix a relevant experience and the skills set. If you would do that right way, you will win a competition!

4. How to show experience

There is no any specific rule on how to show experience in a combination resume format 2022. The main goal of this resume section – is to show a hiring manager what is your relevant experience and how useful you could be for their organization.

Do not try to meet your skills with the relevant experience. It would be hard to read and to understand what are your main strengths and how useful you could be. Using bullet points, try to show what you did and what you have already achieved. Show your main functions.

Latest Combination Resume Examples 2022

Combination Resume Example 2022Combination Resume Example 2022Combination Resume Example 2022Combination Resume Example 2022

Combination resume template 2022: Poses

  • You have a great chance to show both things – skills and not to hide your career path. If you have something worthwhile to show, you need to think about this type of resume;
  • Those, who would like to change the area. If you want to try yourself in a different field;
  • Use this resume format to enhance your skills, if your career path was not so brilliant, as you expect to see it.

Combination resume template 2022: Cons

  • You can easily show your skills, which hiring managers are looking for a period that could be your main asset and benefit, compared to other candidates.
  • You can easily target your relevant experience to the desired position Comber based on the job ad. Spend a bit more time to tailor your resume according to an announced position. doing that you would have much more chances, compared to other candidates, who would like to apply they’re resumes to the same job ad.
  • Don’t worry if something goes wrong. You have two times more chances to get that position compared to other resume templates. Why? Simply because you are trying to sell your skills and previous experience.
  • A combination resume is really easy for targeting. Find an interesting job ad and try to tailor your resume according to job ad description. Doing that you will have much more chances, because you adopted your resume to a relevant job ad. Hiring managers would like to read a resume of those candidates, whose resume is the most relevan

Combination resume format: Be flexible to get what you want!

  1. The first and the most important disadvantage of a combination resume – it’s not widely used by a wide range of Job Seekers. That’s because not all of them have a relevant experience and a proven skill set. If you don’t have – you’d better think about a bit other resume formats.
  2. Some candidates find this type of resume format a bit hard to write. It’s a myth. There are no any extra efforts, all you need to do is to combine your skills and relevant experience, nothing else.
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