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Cover Letter 2022

If you are here and reading this page, that means that you are seeking for some information on how to write an outstanding cover letter OR you simply opened wrong tab in your browser. And if you are still looking for some information about cover letter – you are in the right place and today we’re going to spend some time to help you to write it really well.

What do you know about cover letter? Seems like we’re ready to share some information with you!

So, as you have already understood, we have prepared some information for you about how to write a cover letter, which would help you to land the job. As you already knew or maybe not, the first thing hiring manager see, when reading your resume is a cover letter!

What is a Cover Letter?

Most candidates even don’t know or maybe don’t pay any extra attention to understand what is the main purpose of any cover letter. Why do you need that how it could help you? A Cover Letter is a document, which is an additional document to your resume. It shows your skills and overwrites your experience.

The letter provides detailed information on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. Don’t simply repeat what’s on your resume — rather, include specific information on why you’re a strong match for the employer’s job requirements. Think of your cover letter as a sales pitch that will market your credentials and help you get the interview. As such, you want to make sure your cover letter makes the best impression on the person who is reviewing it.

Cover letter is not a PART of your resume, it’s like an EXTRA (additional) information, which accompany your resume. The most common mistake most candidates does – they simply copy their career objective statement and paste that information to their cover letter. You should not do that, because you do not add any additional value. Instead of doing that, there are too many other ways on how professionally written cover letter could bring more value to your reader. And you’d better to follow such advices, if you want to stand out from a crowd!

Types of Cover Letters

There are three most common types of cover letters, which could be useful for you, based on what kind of request do you have. Let’s try to understand the main differences between them.

  1. Responding Application Letter – this letter should be used if you would like to clarify some information about open job posting. Most Likely it’s used after the first communication with a hiring manager;
  2. Prospecting letter – It’s a kind of communication, which is used by a candidates to ask about open or to be opened positions in the nearest future;
  3. Networking letter – if you need some help or advice, this is the best way to communicate with a person, who you would like to ask some questions.

But when you have your resume already written and you are sure that you have used proper resume format and resume template, it’s a good time to think about your application letter. Because in your case, you would need to use the first one type from the list above.

Cover Letter 2022 – What’s inside?

Any cover letter, doesn’t matter whom it was written by – it’s a first communication with a hiring manager. And it’s a pretty much important to make a first impression. And we don’t want to write here much in how important it is! So, if you still believe that you can not proofread it or remove spelling or typo mistakes – it’s better to exclude your application letter from you job seeking process at all.

Your cover letter is document, where you tell your reader a bit more about who you are, what skills do you have and what experience. Do not copy all that stuff from your resume, just simply tell them on how useful you could be for their company and show your desire to be the part of their team.

Cover Letter – What to exclude?

You should understand that your cover letter is an additional document to your resume, which you already sent for a consideration, That means, that you need to be care about what information to include to your cover letter or not.

There are some rules, which are better to follow. And one of such rule is – to exclude all personal information from your cover letter. It’s not because hiring manager should not understand who is writing to them, it’s because you need to concentrate on how to show your value.

Cover letter 2022 structure

Before you will start writing your first or maybe not first cover letter, you need to know a document structure. Why do you need that? Because it would help you to structure your document and it would help your reader to read it without any troubles. So, if you have already started writing, please read and follow these rules below.


Each cover letter is an official document and you should understand that you should follow some rules. The same rule is about header. It should begin with all the contact information (your contact information) and include contact details of the person who are you writing to (hiring manager).

The only one exception here. If you are writing an e-mail you can include your contact details at the end of the letter.

Contact details

First Name
Last Name
Address details
Phone number (private only)
E-mail (private only)

How to start cover letter

The first thing you should do – to salute a person, who are you writing this cover letter to. It’s a good idea to begin your letter with “Dear Mr.” or “Dear Ms.”, depends to who are you writing to. If you are writing a cover letter and don’t even know who is going to read that – you can simply write something like “Dear hiring manager”.


After you salute your reader, you need to introduce yourself. The best way on how to do that – is to tell at what position you applied and why are you looking for this position. You main goal here – is to grab as much hiring manager’s attention as it’s possible. It’s a good idea to show them some relevant skills you have at the moment and provide some figures to prove your level.

Main part

Nobody wants to read your resume once again in cover letter and you need to remember that. You are writing this document to let hiring manager to be interested in your candidacy. That’s why you need to quantify all your achievements and show them all in easy to read way. Tell them about your previous experience and how useful it could be for them. Write them about what exactly value you could bring to them and what you achieved on previous places of work.

End of the letter

Remember to say “Thank you!” yo your reader for the time he/she spent to read a letter.