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What should you do to write a good CV in 2022?

Most of job seekers don’t pay much attention to CV structure, what block should be included, what are the first things hiring managers look at…Most of us employees don’t spent much time crafting their resume and that’s why most of them don’t have high response rate.
The problem is – recruiters spent approximately 6 seconds scanning you resume. If your resume doesn’t fit, probably they are not going to consider your candidacy next. And now you understand how it’s important to have outstanding cv template 2022.
Anyway, we don’t want to let you down! We are here to help you with writing a professional curriculum vitae and increase your chances to land the job. We have prepared some advices below on how to provide hiring manager with a high-quality cv in 2022

1. Before CV

As we have already mentioned above, hiring manager need 6 seconds to understand who you are and if you could fit vacant position. On average, job seekers use 2 or more A4 pages to add all the necessary information about themselves. How do you think, could hiring manager read all that in 6 seconds? We could assume – NO. So, what should you do? The answer is: try to catch their attention, providing a true story about you. It should not be an essay, and there are no special CV templates for that. Just 4-5 sentences about why are you searching for a new opportunities and whether your relevant experience could be useful.

2. No mass spamming using the same CV template 2022

Stop doing it! Hiring managers are much smarter than you could imagine. You are not fighting with machine – they are people as well. How much resumes do you have? Let us guess – Only one! And using just one cv template you’re trying to apply for a different positions. It’s not a good idea. You should TAILOR your resume for proper position.
For example, you have an account manager CV template already written and you’re trying to apply for a position: sales manager. Why don’t you want to add some relevant skills and tailor your resume for a new position? It would increase response rate in times. Don’t be lazy.

3. Do not add too much keywords in your CV

Over 30% employees think – all the hiring managers using special software, which helps them to sort candidates using some keywords. Yes, it is. But, why don’t you want to think about hiring manager who is going to read your resume then? It would be a keyword list rather than good CV template 2022. Think about it!

4. Huge work history GAPS

Changed position for a quite long time? Or Decided to relax? Or bad candidate and nobody want to hire him/her?
Some questions above are about candidates with a huge gaps in their works history (1y+) and believe us – hiring managers are people who don’t like to guess. If something is not written, they would rather think over without your help. And such thoughts would rather be negative than positive. So what should you include in your cv template 2022 to hide it?
The best thing – do not try to lie! Try to add some interesting information like: courses, maternity leave (if it was), trainings, volunteer activities and so on.

5. Update your CV 2022 monthly

Nobody knows, what could happens. Keep your cv template 2022 updated as much as you can. Why do you need it? Because you’ll forget something to add. Finished courses – add in you CV or some achievements – add in your cv as well.

6. Mistakes in CV? Sorry, no chances!

The main problem is – over 23% of candidates do not proofread their CV, before they sent. Doesn’t matter if you wrote it yourself or download cv template 2022 using some sources, you must proofread it twice. Hiring managers would not call you back if would find some spelling and grammar mistakes. So, don’t lose your chance, because you forget to do it!

7. CV template 2022 – ROCKS!

Why? Do you remember we wrote about 6 seconds hiring manager spent to scan if you are the candidate they are looking for? Amazing resume template – it’s one more good trick to remember your CV, because your template will outstand from others.

8. References upon request. COME ON!

Such things could do freshers, not senior specialists. And it’s not a good thing to leave real contact in your resume even there are. You don’t know who is going to use them. The best way – to provide references after an interview. Be sure you have some to provide.

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