Resume Format 2022

Resume Format 2022 – 20 FREE Word Templates

We saw too many job seekers are not looking for already existing resume writing services. There are tons of them all round the web. At the same time – we can’t say that it’s a kind of the new trend, BUT more and more job seekers are trying to write their resume by themselves. And that’s why we are here and it’s the right place for those – who would like not only to get an outstanding resume, but would GET THE JOB in 2022 without any additional efforts.
And before would would like to start telling you where you should start, we would like you to ask yourself: Are you ready to spend some time more after you download our resume templates for 2022 in docx and tailor them?

IF you would say us – YES. Definitely, you have a good chances to be invited for an interview. Because each downloaded resume template in MS Word – need to be polished a little bit, before the HR would have chance to see it.

Resume format 2022

Does resume format for 2022 really matter?

It’s really interesting question tons of active job seekers asking us, when they are in active job search. And they are not only the ones, who still trying to understand – why do i really need to spend my time picking resume format and trying to adapt or tailor my resumes for that so-called “CV 2022 formats”.

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Huh, we heard it so many times. Even some unprofessional or junior hiring managers still believe that resume format is something useless and would never help or bring some value to HR.
Anyway, we are here to BUST THIS MYTH. And the first thing we’d like to discuss and or better say spot light: why do you need to follow specific CV formats and how useful they could be for you.

Why Resume Format in 2022 is important

Before you even would like to start writing your resume 2022, you need to answer three main questions:

  1. Who are you writing your resume to?
  2. Does your resume show all your skills in the most positive light?
  3. Is it really easy to read?

When you will cope with the first three questions above, we would like to move next. And now we want to tell you a bit more about how the latest resume format 2022 looks like and what it should include.


We saw too many resumes and too many hiring managers, who are still doing their work daily. And they always say the same stuff below.

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

“When you have tons of resumes in your inbox folder, sometimes you even cant understand what candidate is worth to be invited. BUT it’s like a piece of a good and tasty cake, when you see outstanding resume with a proper resume format. It’s EASY to read!”
The main goal of any resume format is not only make the hiring manager’s life easier, It’s more about how to structure your resume and show the most valuable information about your candidacy at first. And based on what you would like to show, there are different formats, which would help you to GET your JOB.
So, we have prepared a small guide about how to format your resume 2022. Follow our tips and get employed. Let’s start.

Most Common Resume Formats 2022

Chronological resume format 2022

The one of the most popular resume formats during the last 20 years is a reverse-chronological resume format. It’s easy, it’s old school, it’s fine. But each resume format has it’s own poses and cons. And chronological format is not an exception.

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Reverse-Chronological. What does it mean for you as for the job seeker? It means that all the information, which you would like to add and show in your resume must be placed in reverse-chronological order.
Most candidates using this type of resume format, because it easy to create and easy to read for the hiring manager. Still, chronological resume format has poses and cons. And now we would like to share them with you.

Chronological resume format 2022: Who Should Use

Candidates with a solid background and skills, related to a desired position. If you are junior or fresh grad – reverse-chronological resume is not a good option for you. Candidates with 5+ year of experience in different areas should use chronological resume, even though – if you worked in international companies on a middle+ positions.

Chronological resume format 2022: Poses

  • Hiring manager see all your work experience from the first day;
  • Good for the candidates with a solid background;
  • Good for the candidates who used to work in international companies;
  • Easy to read for a HR;
  • The most common resume format during the last 10 years.

Chronological resume format 2022: Cons

  • If you have any employment gaps, it’s not possible to conceal them using this type of resume format;
  • It’s not good option for the candidates with a short work experience;
  • You need to explain each position in your resume.

Now it’s a good idea to share with you a little bit more information about other resume formats. It’s a good idea to screen them all, before you would start writing or editing your resume 2022. The next format we would like to discuss with you is a skills-based resume (aka functional)

Functional Resume Format 2022

Some hiring managers would say that it’s a new era of functional resume templates, but we do not agree with them. It’s a new approach in resume writing, where you need to pay more attention to your hard and soft skills.

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

While chronological format shows your background, functional resume format shows your skills. And that’s what some hiring managers would like to see at first. You could ask why? Because there are some positions where nobody cares what you did on your previous place of working – they want to know what you can do and how well you can do that. That’s where you should represent your skills.

Functional Resume Format 2022: Who should use

It’s a good option for those candidates, who changed their place of working too often and at the same time they gained a huge expertise in a specific areas. Also it’s a good option for those specialists, who has some rare knowledge’s in a specific areas. In their case it’s important to highlight such skills and show HR your value.

Functional Resume Format 2022: Poses

  • Skills – it’s the value HR’s are looking in your resume;
  • Even you have an employment gaps – HR would not see it;
  • Good for the candidates, who changed their positions too often;
  • Soft and Hard skills – the core of your resume.

Functional Resume Format 2022: Cons

  • Hiring manager can’t see the whole picture of 3W (Where,What,When you used to work);
  • Skills is not the only one signal to a hiring manager. In some cases they would like to get more information about a candidate;
  • Hiring manager could not see all value you could potentially bring to the company, based on this resume format.

So, you should understand that functional resume 2022 is a good choice for you only in that case, if your skill-set is really strong. If your skills are most likely soft and you have nothing to show in your resume – that it’s a good way to think about some other resume format.

Combination Resume Format 2022

Combination resume format is a mix of functional and chronological formats. If you are not satisfied to use the one resume format, you have a good option to try a combination resume. So, when you are hesitant which resume format you should choose, combination resume is the best option in your case. It would help you to show your candidacy in the most positive light and do let the hiring manager miss valuable information.

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Download resume template 2022 in Word

Combination Resume Format 2022: Who should use

When you decided to start you job searching process, the first things you trying to reach out are: how your resume should looks like and what resume format you are going to use. And it’s important to understand that if you are not sure that functional or chronological resume format is right for you – combination resume is what you need!

Combination Resume Format 2022: Poses

  • Using a combination resume format, you have a good chance to mix a functional resume format with a chronological resume without missing a structure;
  • Skill added to a chronologically structured places – that’s what all HR’s would like to see in your resume. You grew up and skill did not left on the same place;
  • You don’t need to follow rules now. If you decided to use mixed resume format – you can include anything you want your resume.There is only one thing – it should be easy to read and HR should understand what you want to tell.

Combination Resume Format 2022: Cons

As well, as poses – each resume format has it’s exceptions and combination resume format is not an exception. You need to understand that.

  • HR’s don’t like this type of resume format, because of the mix of skills and responsibilities.
  • Some resumes are really hard to read, because of huge amount of skills for each position you have obtained

Anyway, we do believe that this type of resume format could be interesting for all job seekers. But some candidates could highlight their level of expertise using some other formats. So, it’s all up to you.


As you have already understood – writing an outstanding resume is not an easy job you can do. Resume writing – it’s not a rocket science. But still – you need to know some rules, which could help you and a HR, who is going to read your resume to understand each other.
Below, we have discussed different types of resume formats you can choose to start writing your resume right now. But now we would like to share with you some knowledge’s, which could help you not only let the HR read your resume 2022 till the end – but give you a call. Because the main goal of any resume – is to give you a call and an invitation for an interview. That’s why each we’re going to tell you a few words more about how to polish your resume the best way!

Resume 2022 Length

Here we’re going to talk about how long a resume should be. Are there any trends, which would tell us how long my resume should be? Are there any rules there?
There are some questions you can see above, which all the job seekers asked themselves before they start writing their resume. And today we would like to give you some useful advices and bust some myths.
So, here we go. Remember the main rule – resume is not a part of your academic paper, it’s not your coursework and it’s not something you wrote just to send via application form. Your resume is a good selling document. Because only resume would help you to get a call from a hiring manager and sit in front of him/her during your first interview.

Resume – should include the most relevant and interesting information about you. Something, that HR would like to read and have a good reason to call you.

And when we come back to “length” question – we would like to suggest you to use one-page resume format. In some cases, specially candidates with a huge career path – resume could be more that one page. But still – it should include the most relevant information.
Some facts here. You could ask us – is that possible to put everything into a resume with one page? NOT ALL – just a part of the most important information. It’s good to know that an average hiring manager spend around 6 – 10 second to scan your resume. During that time he/she understand if you are interesting candidate and you will get a call – or your resume will immediately be in trash pile. So, now you see that nobody will spend 2-5 minutes to read all your resume.
!Pay attention to a resume 2022 format rules. They are not the same as in 2022, but still most of them were not changed.

Resume 2022: Best Fonts to use

Sometimes, we do spend so much time answering the same question to job seekers, who asked us about what exactly font should they use crafting their resume. And due to this reason – we decided to create a special article in this post highlighting the information about resume fonts and which one you should choose to get what you need. And you are looking for a job, aren’t you?
When you just start writing your resume, you don’t think about what font you would like to use. But after resume was already written – it’s where the magic comes. You start doing experiments with the font in your resume and in final result – your resume 2022 is not possible to read.
BUT any resume must be easy to read.
Another interesting side of all the fonts you are going to use in your resume is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). It’s a special software, most huge companies are using them to sort candidates to help them make their hiring and scanning process easier.
ATS using some special recognition algorithms to scan your resume and to find some keywords in your resume. And it would be really pity, if such machine would not be able to scan your resume, because of the custom fonts. You should keep it in your mind, when you will be close to get the font you need.

Resume 2022 Font Size

Interesting to know that most candidates don’t know what is the best font size for your resume. Some of them still do believe that even using one-page resume format – you can use 9pt font size. It’s not a good idea at all. It’s an irritating factor, which in some cases will be fatal for you as a candidate on that position.
So, what is the best font size should i use?
We did lots of experiments and defined that the most useful and acceptable size is between 10.5pt to 12pt. Based on the length of your resume you could switch to bigger one, but not vise verse.

Easy to Read – How to Achieve That Goal

Before we will start, we would like to share with you some results of our observation. The main goal was to understand how hiring manager scan a resume and what are the most attentive places in your resume.
You will be surprised, but you need to pay more attention to such things like:

  • Bullets;
  • Margins;
  • Spaces;
  • Bold text;
  • Underlines.

This is all text formatting things, which are necessary for the success. It’s not about how to make you resume colorful, it’s more about how to highlight the most important information in your resume.

Resume margins

Margins are really important factor, when we’re talking about how to format your resume in the right way. You could find that funny, but most of resumes are still printed by hiring managers. And does it mean for you as job seeker?
Seems like too short margins were cut during the print, because printer is not able to recognize such details. At the final result, HR is sitting in his/her chair and trying to read only a PART of resume without all the text you hardly tried to include.
AND it’s based on the true stories. We are NOT joking here!
So, there is just ONE and SIMPLE rule to avoid situation above. Writing your resume 2022, set the margins to one inch from the both sides. It’s would help you to save your resume in cases, when recruiter would like to print it first.

Spacing – how to use them formatting a resume

When we’re talking about how to balance between the readiness of your resume and how much information your resume could contain – it’s about spacing. You need to remember the gold rule here – “single-spaced”.
If you need to Mayarate some logical block from one from another – use the blank line between them. It’s easy and at the same it’s easy to read.

Resume 2022 Format Sections

Before you start writing your resume 2022, you should make sure that all the resume section you would like to include – are formatted proper way and will be easy to read by a hiring manager.
We got too many questions about how the different resume sections in your resume should look like. And what should you craft or highlight there to make your resume outstanding. Sometimes it’s a really tiny edits, which could help you to get the job. And it’s not a good idea to ignore them.

Resume Header

Resume header is the most attentive place of any resume. More than 60% of HR’s attention are in resume title and your name. After the first scanning, they moved to other sections. That’s why the first impression is so important here.
You need to check if all the necessary thing from the list below are already included:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

All these information must be easy to read and navigate. Don’t let the hiring manager skip you resume only because he or she couldn’t find your Name.

Resume Objective

Most of candidates are asking the same question, when they start writing an objective statement resume section. And the main question is: “What should i write here? What do they expect to see here?”
Resume Objective is the place, where you have a good chance to show hiring manager why you Decided to obtain desired position and what are your nearest plans. It’s not a place to share your life store, it’s more about why you send resume and why you would like to work here.

Resume experience

It’s one of the most important place of your resume. Here you need to show what you did on your previous places of working. Show your skills and achievements for each place you used to work.
Pay attention to the resume format you Decided to pick, because you need to show your skills, based on the format you Decided to pick.

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