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Functional Resume Format 2022

Functional Resume 2022 Format

Make sure your hard skills are strong enough to win the game using functional resume 2022

When you start writing your resume 2022, the first thing you most likely think about is how your resume will look like and what to include to your resume. And it’s a normal situation, because your resume is a marketing document, which would help you to sell your candidacy much more expensive. If only your resume format and content would be interesting for a hiring manager. And you if you are trying to understand what would help you to get more chances, compared to other job seekers – you are completely right, it’s a resume format.

And according to the title, which you have already read, today we’re going to talk about the one of the most interesting and successful resume formats – functional resume format. Why we said successful? Because, if you are not the one of those, who has over 20 years of experience in well-known companies (market leaders) and your career path is not amazing – it’s a great chance for you to choose between two resume formats. Which one’s? Between the chronological resume format and functional resume format.

Functional resume 2022 – What is that?

Functional resume format comes from the word “functions”. The main focus is on your skills. In other words, nobody cares how impressive was your career path, hiring managers are only looking for specific hard and soft skills.

For some open positions, it’s necessary to have impressive portfolio or proven career path. It’s important to have proven skills to do your job well. That’s what hiring managers are looking for in some candidates and that’s how functional resume could help them to answer on their questions.

Functional Resume Format 2022 Examples

Functional resume example 2022Functional resume example 2022Functional resume example 2022Functional resume example 2022

When functional resume format 2022 is the best option for you

When should you use this type of resume format

As we have already mentioned, to choose the best resume format, which would fit all your need and highlight your candidacy – is not an easy task. Before you will do your choice, you need to learn all the resume formats 2022 and choose the best one. But now we’re talking about what exactly value could function resume bring to you? And we would like to tell you more about that below.

Unlike all other resume formats, functional resume format would help you to highlight your hard and soft skills, which all the hiring manager’s likes to see in your resume. Also this type of resume format well known as skills-based resume format and you know why. Because you sell them your skills firsts (hard and soft, both of them) and only then you show companies, awards and all your “brilliant” career path. In other words, you sell them your deep knowledge’s in some specific areas, which they would probably not find in your chronological resume. And it works!

Moreover, some firing managers are looking for skill. If they they need to find a candidate with some specific skills, functional resume it you best friend here. Million of job seekers still using and get their job using this type of resume format. Don’t you want to be the one of those guys? Before you will, let’s try to understand who are these candidates, who will have more chances using functional format of resume 2022.

When to use a functional resume:

  1. A functional resume could help you to get a position even you don’t have related experience according to position description.
  2. This type of resume format can be a good solution for those candidates, who are jumping from one position to other. For such cases, functional resume format is an outstanding way to hide short-term employment.
  3. Functional resume concentrates on your skills only. That’s what hiring managers are looking in such resume format. That’s your opportunity to hide employment gaps and to conceal some tricky details.
  4. You have proven hard and soft skills. They are proven. That means, that you can sell your skills. This type of resume format was created for such situations, when HRs are looking for skills only.

When Functional resume can be a tricky choice:

  1. Hiring managers don’t like functional resume for some reasons. The one and the most common one – job seeker is trying to hide some sensitive information. Those ones, which can probably help HR’s to make the right decision.
  2. It’s hard to see career growth. You show only skills. Soft and hard, maybe some achievements and awards. But how to understand you career path? It’s not possible if it’s not a mixed resume.
  3. Some companies and their HR policies work against functional resumes. From the beginning, they believe that a professional resume should look like a chronological format.

Who should use functional resume template 2022

  1. Candidates without any commercial experience. For example if you are a school leaver or fresh grad and seems like it’s your first job – functional resume is the best option for your. Why? Because you have nothing to show in your experience section and all you have – are some skills, which you would like to improve or extend. That’s why your skill-set block need to be under your contact information.
  2. Hard skills – is your main asset. You are not junior or even middle specialist anymore. You know your job well and you know what exactly skills hiring managers are looking for. So, why should you hide them using some other resume formats, if functional resume would only highlight it?
  3. Gaps in your employment history. Looks like you have some employment gaps, which you are not ready or don’t want to show in your resume. If it’s all about you – you know what resume format you should use. When HR’s are looking for a candidate with a specific skillset, you need to give them ability to invite you for an interview.
  4. Part time jobs or freelance. Due to some personal circumstances, you are not ready for a full time position at the moment. But your skills are good enough to fit the desired position. You are in.
  5. Invariable job is not you about you. You are like a wind, all the time you are looking for something new and better. OR you need to change your jobs each season, we don’t know. If all written above is about you, your best friend is – functional resume. In other cases, nobody even would like to call you.
  6. Volunteers. Yes, not all of them could brag about impressive career path as a volunteer, who devoted all his/her life to what they did. However, you are not the one of them, and seems like you volunteer expertise was the part of your college activities. And you don’t have to miss your chance, showing that in your resume.
  7. Career path is vague. It’s still ok, not all of us have become CEO’s. Some candidates, tried themselves on different positions and still are looking for something new. BUT you don’t want let the hiring managers to use that against you. Using chronological resume format, they could easily understand who you are. So, be careful, choosing the right format.

Now, once you are already read all about who should use this resume format and should not, now we would like to move to functional resume 2022 poses and cons. Are you ready?

Functional resume format 2022: Main Pros

Have a look why it’s a good option for you to use a functional resume format

As we have already mentioned above, functional resume is for those candidates, who would like to highlight their strongest skills over the career path. They want to win the competition using their hard skills, their opponents does not have. And that’s their key to success.

  • If you skill-set is strong enough, you could earn even more! Some companies are ready to pay to candidates with a specific skillset more, compared to other candidates. And it’s your advantage, which you should not lose.
  • If you would like to hide some information from your past, or you don’t want to talk about it- you have a legal chance not to do that. Because the structure of functional resume format allows you to do that. You sell them your skills. They decide whether they are relevant to their position and invite you for an interview. And that’s it.

Functional resume format 2022: Main Cons

Why it’s not good to use a functional resume template

You have read enough to understand when using a functional resume would bring you more abilities and will give you more chances to be employed. BUT now we’re going to share with you some cases, when this type of resume format is not the best option for you.

  • You used to have a brilliant career path and outstanding achievements, which you could easily quantify and show in your resume. You have a managerial experience and you know how to solve issues. You have great recommendation from you ex-places you worked in.
  • You came to that company when you were just a fresh grad AND you still there over 20 (30 or 40) years. And you we’re laid off or something else happened. You need to show that to the hiring manager using other resume format in your case.
  • Vague understanding. Hiring manager can’t see all the dates. And it’s a good reason to believe that you are trying to hide some information from them.

Functional resume examples in WORD format (docx)

We face the same issues, when our readers asking us to show some professional resume templates. Now we want to share with you some latest functional resume 2022 templates, which you could easily download and edit the way you need. Share it with your friend. We are here to help you get your JOB!

At the end. You need to remember that you know yourself much better than others. And your resume is the part of you. Spent some time crafting your resume 2022 on your own. If you will do something wrong, we would help you to fix it!

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