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Graphic designer resume samples 2022

If you are graphic designer, it means – you are creative person who would like to sell yourself not using usual white&black resume approach. Hiring managers know it, so feel free to invent smth unusual to impress them.
Some candidates using interesting templates, like you could find here. They are amazing and you could get some ideas for your own resume template. What is important when you writing resume for graphic designer position:
A) Portfolio – link to dropbox or leave a link, so hiring manager could easily share it with your potential manager for assessment.
B) Estimates – provide your reader with estimates. Better to do inside portfolio. Just write how much time it took you to create this or other drawing.
C) Are you ready for freelance or looking for in-office position. Most of employers are looking for freelance designers. Remember to ask your hiring manager about it.
Graphic designer resume sample 2022 creative Graphic designer resume sample 2022 creative

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