Resume Format 2022

How good resume format 2022 should be

You have already finished a deep research, trying to figure out which resume format will be the most effective in 2022? It’s a really good approach, which can bring real results. And you did everything right! Still, you need to be sure, which format of resume 2022 can be the most winning for your case. The main goal of this post – to help job seekers understand which resume format to choose and what recommendations we can give.

Each resume is like a marketing material, which goal is to help HR understand that you are the right candidate for desired position. That’s why it’s really important to be check twice, that your resume 2022 was written using the most proper format of resume. How to grab hiring manager’s attention? How to convince them that you are the best candidate from the list? There are tons of different tricks and lifehacks, BUT the most winning one – appropriate resume format 2022.

How to pick the right resume format in 2022

Before you even start writing a resume, remember that level of competition is really high. Tons of different job seekers willing to get the same position as you. What does it mean? You need to stand out from a crowd, but at the same time your resume should look professional and easy to read. It’s simple – you can say! But really? We’re not sure. Sometimes, it could be much harder, than you could even expect.

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Want to check? Have you ever tried to answer questions below?

What resume format is the best for my case?
Which resume template to use?
Any tips about fonts in my resume?
Which font is better to use?

And many other questions you can ask yourself and still trying to get answer. Our main goal is to help you GET ANSWERS to all the listed questions above. You don’t need to get in panic, when you are trying to find a new job. We want you to keep calm and write a good resume.

HOW to optimize a resume 2022 for ATS

It’s not a joke, it’s more about reality. ATS machines deep more and more in corporate segments this days. It means, that not only huge corporations can afford them, but smaller companies are doing that now. Why? Because it can reduce expenses on HR’s and can effectively optimize their time.

When we’re talking about resume, which is optimized for ATS machines – it’s more about how to hack them and push your CV to a hiring manager inbox. Not the simplest thing to do, but it’s possible. We prepared some tricks for you below.

  1. Avoid custom fonts. Not all fonts can be recognized by an ATS machines. You can use a really fancy and attractive fonts in your resume, but it will be useless. ATS machine could not have this font in it’s database. Thus, your resume will be automatically forwarded into trash.
  2. Do a keyword research. Each job seekers is reading a job ad. Before he or she will apply a resume. Use this job ad as a source of keywords, which can be uses in your resume. Each ATS machines is matching keywords in your resume with a list of keywords defined by a hiring manager.
  3. .DOC or .DOCX. Try to submit a resume in WORD format. PDF files sometimes would not be possible to recognise. You will lose your chance as well.
  4. Do not overstaff your resume. There are some situations, when a keywords saturation is really high, because you tried to beat a machine. At the end result, hiring manager can’t read a resume at all, because it’s more looks like a list of keywords.

Whatever happens – keep a resume simple.

People are going to read your resume. Hiring manager will scan it and after understand, whether you are the right candidate to fit desired position or not. BUT you need to grab HR’s attention, because you have a limited time to do that. Most likely you have up to 6 seconds to catch hiring manager.

As much simple, as it possible. Simple, but not primitive. You need to do all for a comfortable scanning. Your resume need to be easy to read.

Your first and last names must be places in appropriate place. In the top section. It’s the first and the most read place of any document.
Don’t use italic or bold font, where it should not be used.
Ask somebody to do a test for you. Give your resume to somebody to read and after 10 seconds ask some questions: your name, job title and achievements.

More creative = More attention

When you attach your resume 2022 to an apply form on any job website or directly, the next thing you are fighting for – recruiters attention. You are fighting to grab their attention. Simply, to be the number one, who they would remember.

What are the best tricks to grab as much HR’s attention, as it simply possible? The number one receipt – best professional resume template 2022, designed and edited by a professional resume writer. Don’t hesitate to download the best resume templates and edit them according to your needs.

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