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How to format resume 2022

How to land the job you dream on

Have you ever thought about, what does hiring managers think about when they are reading your resume? We guess – you don’t! And this is normal situation, because they think about how to close such position as fast as they can and how to get their commission. And if you really would like to help them to do that, proposing your candidacy, you should know how to attract their attention using your resume 2022.
So, have you ever heard anything about how to format resume 2022 and get your job as fast as it could be? If no, let us show you some 5 steps with suggestions you should follow.

2022 resume
All you should know about how to format resume according to the latets rules and time

Before we start writing this article, we thought about why people feel stressed or simply even don’t want to start writing a resume? There are too many reasons and “why?” To understand that we talked with more than twenty regular job seekers, who are at the moment in active job search. None of them has resume already written. And we decided to ask them how it’s happened.

There are some main reasons why they don’t want to start writing their resume. The main reason is TIME they need to spend on it. The other reason is lack of information or outdated data. Third reason is – they simply don’t have already done 2022 resume template to use.

Do Little Resume Research

You are not the only one, who decided to apply a resume for an interesting job ad. There are some other candidates, who can be stronger or weaker. Who knows? Only hiring manager can judge. Due to all these reasons, you can ask us “How to be number one and to beat all other competitors?”

Before you start read content below, make sure, you picked right resume format.

Before we’re going to deep into details to understand what exactly resume you need, let’s try to understand what is a resume. As you have already known – resume is a kind of marketing document, which help it’s owner to increase his/her owner to land a new job.

Some candidates will say, that resume is not what will help you to get a new job. Also, they will assume, that cover letter has much more power. Somehow they are right, but not totally. Resume is something, what makes the first contact between HR and potential candidate, who strives to obtain a desired position.

Choose a Resume Format 2022 Right for YOU

You can’t just start writing a resume by putting your info into the resume template all willy-nilly.

You can write your resume from scratch, haphazardly adding all information from your career path, creating a mess. Don’t you think about already created and widely used resume formats?

Before you start doing such dummy things above, we would like to share with you a table, with some pros and cons of each resume format.

Resume Format PROS CONS
Chronological format
  • The one of the most used resume format in US
  • Widely known by all hiring managers
  • Good for employers with a strong career path
  • Nothing special, not creative and boring for old-school hiring managers
  • Hard to implement some creative features
Functional format
  • You sell only your skills-set, nothing more
  • Clear to understand what you can do and what are your achievements
  • HR’s are more suspicious to you, because they think you’re hiding something.
Combination format
  • Good for those, whose experience can combine great skills-set and impressive career path
  • Not all candidates can create such great resumes. It’s more exception from rule.

Most likely, you are going to use chronological resume format. It’s not because you don’t have alternatives, it’s because everybody use it. It’s not bad, for some candidates p it’s the best option. For some – it’s better to use some other formats of resume. Still, we do not convince you to pick some other resume templates, we want you to know all other variants and pick yours.

Most Common Resume Examples 2022. For Inspiration.

latest resume example 2022
Inspiring, skills-based resume format 2022 with achievements section
latest resume example 2022
Black and strong resume template 2022
latest resume example 2022
Polished and soft resume template 2022
latest resume example 2022
Light, with red strips resume template 2022
latest resume example 2022
Strict resume 2022 with already splitted blocks
latest resume example 2022
Amazing resume template with tailored functions
latest resume example 2022
2022 resume template with a good splitted experience sections
latest resume example 2022
Good & Strong resume template 2022

Attention to personal Information & Personal Details

Tons of different candidates do the same mistake – they do not put enough attention to personal details. What do we mean?

  1. When it’s really hard to find your first and last names in resume.
  2. When it’s not highlighted
  3. No cell number and personal details
  4. Incorrect e-mail address

And many more. That’s why we decided to write a bit more about this resume section to stress your attention on some details. At the same time, you need to know, what is good to include to resume and what is better to hide.

Element To include? Why (YES/NOT)
First and Last Name For sure For sure, hiring managers need to know how to find your candidacy across all other candidates. The bigger pt size you’re going to use, the better.
Job title We recommend to include You need to understand, that hiring managers are looking candidates for some specified positions. They need to know, what exact position you would like to get. In other way, there are tons of different weird questions.
E-mail address To include E-mail address can be a good alternative source of communication for some hiring managers, whose seeking approach is more targeted on phone calls.
Cell number Yes Only personal cell number. Don’t repeat mistakes of other job seekers and do not include corporate phone numbers.
LinkedIN 100% if already exists LinkedIN account is the best thing to show your professional network and portfolio. BUT only for those candidates, who has something to show there.
Personal blog/website 50/50 If it’s a professional blog you run to show your professional network or for personal promotion – to include. If it’s more to show what is your hobby – it’s better to not include to your resume.
Date of birth Do not include There is no need to show hiring manager what is your real age. They are looking for a good candidate and don’t let them hesitate, if they would have wrong expectations about your age.
Photo 50/50 For some specialties you would probably have more chances if you will include photo to your resume. Most likely, it’s positions where you would need to have tight attitudes with clients/people. BUT remember, nobody can ask tell you that they can’t consider your candidacy without a photo.

First impression matters. Get more attention.

We have already mentioned before, BUT we would like to stress once again – hiring managers are busy people. They have limited resources and tons of different opened positions at the same time. Simply, they don’t have enough time to read each submitted resume carefully, trying to find some interesting details.

Up to SIX seconds – an average time professional hiring manager need to scan a resume and to understand if you are the right person to fit opened position or not. That’s your time to impress hiring manager. But how to do that? Short description would help you. Using a professional language – resume summary.

Resume Summary – A key to impress

What is good resume summary statement? Most candidates asking the same question, trying to find the best key on how to impress hiring managers.

A good resume summary works when you apply your resume to a position, where you already have some experience. You summarize your skills and highlight the most important. At the same time you bring them up to two sentences, summarizing your relevant level of expertise


Social media professional with a proven experience in launching and after-management of social media strategies and campaigns. Launched campaigns for internal and global markets.

Huge experience in the commercial utilization of different social sources like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Used to launched different global campaigns, which brings to customers increase in brand awareness. Launched 10+ marketing reach campaigns ($6M+ budget) and successfully reached all business targets.

Resume Objective. How to show what you want.

First of all, there are some different approaches and minds about if you need to include a resume objective to your resume. Most likely it’s because everybody already understood that you are looking for a new job. Since you applied your resume to opened position, it’s not hard to understand that you are willing to get an invitation to an interview.

Still, we have a bit other point of view here. Good resume objective can not only conceal some gaps in your resume. For some cases it can be like an advantage from a “selling”

Experience Section

Do you still think that experience section is not as relevant and important as other sections in your resume? If yes, you are completely mistaken. Adding detailed information into this section, you provide hiring managers with a detailed list of your responsibilities and duties.

It’s like a treasure for any HR, who is scanning your resume at the moment. Experience is not about what you can do, it about what you did. Depends on how well you did your job, you can include some achievements, if any. Anyway – experience is a core of any resume and you need to know, how to provide a hiring manager with a clear and easy to read information. We’ll try to show you the most common structure and you’ll know how to fulfill this section.

How to format experience section

Let’s have a look, what should be included into resume experience section and how to format it according to the most common rules:

Job Title – This is the most important information here, but if it’s a well-known company, it should be easily noticed. Use bold font. Hiring manager should easily understand what exact position you did obtain and how long.
Company, City – Company’s name and city + state. Usually it should be written below the position you worked on.
Employed Dates – the should be two dates. The first one – the date, when you started work in company. The second one – when you decided to quit company.

Functional Responsibilities—Here is a block, where you need to show your read what exactly were you main functions and key responsibilities. Usually, it should be 2 or more sentences for each function.
Achievements – some job seekers are binding them to each position. Some are using “achievements” section for that. It fully up to you.

10 years employment rule

It’s not a good idea to show your full career path. Some job seekers still believe, that they would have much more chances, if they would show their full career path. If you think so, you are mistaken. Nobody will spend time, reading that.

Overwrite only the last 10 years of your employment history. Show only the most relevant information in your resume.

Too many points

Don’t try to include everything, overwriting your functional responsibilities. Five or six bullet points with key functions are more than enough. Try to show only the most valuable things you did and those, which could probably could be interesting to your hiring manager.

Tailor a resume to a desired position

As you know, more and more resumes are scanned nowadays using an ATS systems. Systems, which were developed to make hiring manager’s life easier and their job more effective. Such software is scanning your resume, trying to find keywords there, which can be relevant to open position.

Clock is ticking. Hiring managers using special lifehacks and optimizing their keyword lists. And you need to follow such trends as well. TAILOR your resume to a specific position. Doing that, you will increase your chances to consider. It’s your key to beat a machine. After all, hiring manager could easily and without any rush scan a resume and understand whether you are interesting or not.

Skills section on the Resume

Hard OR soft skills

Skills. For some positions, it’s the only one thing hiring manager is looking in your resume. We wrote before, that functional resume is designed to target hiring manager on your skills, but not experience. There is another question you can probably face – which skills are better to include and which are better to hide? What are soft skills and which are hard and how to show them?


Too many times we talked about data. We wrote tons of posts about what to include to your 2022 resume, how each resume section should look like and many more. We have never thought about how much time an average job seeker needs to write a resume which works and bring a real results. Today we’re going to talk about time you need to spend on polishing, updating or simply refresh your resume.

UP to 5 minutes for polishing

  1. We hope you are using MS Word to edit your resume document or some other text editor. Each of them has ability to change fonts. We hope you have already read our post. If not, we suggest you to spend some time to read and after make some actions to make your resume more easy to read. Switch font to Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman or some other more easy to recognize and “readable” fonts.
  2. Check your resume for spelling mistakes. You even can’t imagine how stupid they could be. You think it’s not as important, but HR has a bit opposite point of view on that manner. Read more here about the most funniest resume mistakes and spell-check your resume now.
  3. Do not neglect a PDF format. It’s not the best decision when we’re talking about an ATS systems, but from the other hand it’s a good opportunity to let a hiring manager see your resume in initial resume format. But not sliced and partially removed by a mail server.
  4. Hyper-links should be live. Don’t let a hiring manager copy a link using a CTRL+C and after paste it into browser. Document you already sent will be read using a laptop and it’s obvious to make all links live.
  5. Simple, but effective way to name resume file. Use your [First Name] + [Last Name] + [resume].docx. Amazingly simple, but HRs loves, when resume file has an appropriate name.
  6. Still using “References available for request”? Oh, it’s not good! We don’t want you to spend a valuable place in your resume for useless things. If don’t believe us, read more about what other experts says here.
  7. Do not disregard a resume objective statement. There are too many posts, where you could read some information about how useless a resume objective could be. We have a completely an opposite vision on this matter – it should be included. Have troubles on how to write it, read more here.
  8. Any hints about 3 things in resume. They are: your real age or date of birth, religion and marital status. Hiring manager has no rights to ask an information above. In other case they violate rules and law.
  9. Place of living. It’s a good practice to remove any addresses from your resume. There are some clear to understand reasons on why you should do that. Hiring manager would try to count a time you need probably to get from your home to office. If HR would think it’s too long and you leave far from office – you can be rejected.
  10. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. It’s not hard to create a new one, if you still don’t have one. It’s another great source to get different opportunities from wide range of companies. Still hesitant?Read a detailed instructions here on how to be a professional job searcher here.
  11. Already have your LinkedIn profile? BUT you don’t have a professional and well-looked resume on your laptop? We find out a cool instructions on how to convert profile to a resume.
  12. Some great experiments with your resume structure. If you are not using specific 2022 resume format template, you’d better to think about a resume structure. To be more specific – some sections of your resume. For example, you can attract more hiring managers attention if you would move education section below experience block.

15 Minutes to make your resume 2022 better

  1. We hope you have a skills resume section already included. Moreover, it’s already split into two batches: soft and hard skills. If skills list is not separated or structured – you’d better to do that. Languages should stay along, soft skills be separated and hard skills as well.
  2. Acronyms. During our researches we find out that more than 40% of job seekers never provide description of acronyms. It’s not good for some reasons. The main reason is ATS(Applicant Tracking Systems) – they scan your resume and if something could not be recognized, it’s not good for you and your resume scoring. Thus, always try to include description on what do you mean using an acronym. Simply, because HR could understand you better.
  3. Avoid BUZZWORDS. If you don’t know what else to include to your resume, resume buzzwords is not the best choice. They are simply useless and only take a valuable place in your one-page resume. No need to waste your time on them. Check out here which of them are already in your resume and remove.
  4. LIFEHACK. If you have an employment gap more than two months and not more than one year between your jobs – don’t include months. Better decision for you – omit start months and end months. Like 2008 – 2010. Without any months and exact days.
  5. LIFEHACK. Numbers should be written as numbers. For example if you increased revenue on twenty four percents – it’s not the best way to write about it. You increase revenue on 24%, because while HR scanning your CV – numbers are more valuable when they are numbers, but not letters.
  6. Resume style and formatting should be outstanding. You are crafting a resume, which could be used many times. All the spacings, bullets and headings should be in right places and well-looked. Have troubles with that? Read more on how to polish your 2022 CV.
  7. Your school experience is not interesting for a hiring manager, unless you are writing your first resume after graduation. Nobody cares about what extra classes you have attended and what skills you gained in college. Better to write more information about your hard and soft skills.
  8. Resume should not overwrite all your career path. For example if you have more than 30 years of experience, it doesn’t mean you should overwrite everything. You need to show last 10-15 years and not more. It’s a standard for a resume writing. Hiring managers would ask you about what you did before and why it’s not in your resume.
  9. Read resume once again after you have finished it. It’s a good practice to find out any mistakes and mismatches, if any. While you would read it, you would understand what else to include or maybe remove.

Resume DEEP CRAFTING – 30 Minutes more

  1. You are not the one, who are writing a resume. We do believe your friends did the same before. Don’t you want to ask them to share their resumes with you. It’s a good practice to find out something new for your resume and get inspired.
  2. Does you experience section is updated? Pay enough attention to this section of resume. If you see you lack some information there, don’t hesitate to add. Experience is the second resume block hiring managers pay attention to.
  3. Use vivid resume header. If you have some trouble on how to stress information in header or can’t understand what do we mean – get some our resume 2022 format samples.
  4. Remove free spaces. It would help your resume to look more consistent and professional. Also it’s good for a skim read factor. It makes your resume more easy to read and understand.
  5. Bullet points. How to use them and why do you need them. Read an article to understand and make some conclusions.
  6. Stress Scanning. Let’s imagine you have already coped with your resume. You have read it more than three times. You can’t feel now how well it was written and you need some other point of view. Independent point of view and sincere. Ask somebody to read your resume. Give that person 30 seconds for skim read and after ask what he/she understood or remembered.
  7. Keywords saturation. An outstanding technique, if you are optimizing resume for an ATS. How it works? Post your resume into keyword tag tools like tagcrowd. After processing, you will understand which keyword has more power(more used) compared to other words.

After all, we sincerely believe all our suggestion would be useful for you. Don’t waste time, pick your 2022 resume format and start polishing it. Get luck and get a JOB!


What is the first thing hiring manager’s are looking at? Yep, you are right – it’s your name. Why it’s really important to outstand it from the rest of your resume 2022? Because they should remember it! If hiring manager remember your name – half things done, be sure – they would pay more attention to your candidacy. Even more – it’s inadmissible for hiring manager to search your name on a piece of paper.
Below your name it’s really important to leave your phone number, current e-mail (not corporate!). And other ways on how hiring manager could reach you. It’s better to leave in header, so it would not take recruiter to many time to find it.


Do you still think education is not important block and most hiring managers are not even look there? You’re wrong, because in many leading companies – hiring process built the way recruiter is looking at your education first. So, let’s try to keep attention on how to format resume 2022 using the latest trends.
Rules are really simple here:
Most recent education should be first. It’s really good to add your university, school and all kinds of graduation levels. And don’t forget to add your GPA. In some cases for some reasons this factor could be crucial.


There are tons of resume formats you could find if you would try to surf the web or try to search some information on our website. If we’re talking about experience and how it’s better to overwrite, you could find useful professional resume format and standard resume format.
But, if you would like to show your relevant experience, it better to use chronological resume format. This resume format often used by not only college students, but some senior specialist. So, if you would like to show and highlight all your assets – we recommend it.
What should be inside:
Start with the list, describing your relevant experience. Starting with the recent position.
First line – company name, where located and time period you worked there. It’s really important to add it in format like 1Y3M
Second line – position title.
Third line – just describe in 3-4 sentences what were you main zones of responsibilities. How many people you did manage. What your ex-employer expected from you.
The last one- accomplishments. If you want to get 5star job, you should provide your reader with some information why the should consider you, but not somebody else. Achievements – the best way to do that.


We’re not talking about some boring or greedy company. We’re here to help you find interesting job in the most successful companies, which are interested in hobbies or any other activities their employees do.
That’s why it important to provide your hiring manager with such information crafting your resume 2022 using the latest resume formats.


Most of resume we scanned  contained too many irrelevant skills or they were too general, so hiring manager would never call you back and invite you on a job interview.
Do you really want to get recruiters attention and their calls, let’s try to understand what are the most important skill you should add to your resume.

  • Languages and level.
  • Computer skills and level of expertise if necessary.
  • Communication skills.
  • Courses and certificates are even better to show that write some skills. They could prove your reader better.

In any case, we wish you to format your resume best way. Next time we would like to show you more resume samples!

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