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Latest Resume Format 2022

Each resume is unique. Each of them is a portrait of what you did during your life. Some people would even say, that resume is like a marketing document. Once it on hiring manager’s table, it works like an advertisement of yourself. The main purpose of this document is to deliver you to an interview. What’s going after, it’s more about your skills on how to sell yourself during a negotiation process. To sum up, the main goal of your resume is to win a competition among the other candidates to sit in front of an interviewer.

2022 resume templates

We saw too many job seekers, who have an outstanding experience and achievements, but they were not able to sell them. How it’s possible? Easy, if you don’t know where to start and which resume format 2022 to pick to highlight your strengths. Most of candidates even don’t know that there are some other resume templates but chronological resume format. For sure, if you don’t know about any other options exists, you would pick proven option. But is that really the best one for you? We are not sure..

Our mission is to help job seekers to land a job they dream on. Unfortunately, not all of those candidates has an outstanding resumes. Some of them were stolen from the web, some were purely formatted, some were even not their.. We strongly believe, that we can help and change the situation. Our team prepared a list of top 12 resume formats 2022. Each of those resume template has its own pros and cons. You can find some of them right for your profile.

It’s not enough to have a huge experience and a list of accomplishments. Today’s reality is more severe. You need to catch HR’s attention to stand out from a crowd. You need to be first, who will be invited for an interview. Now we’re living at the age of computers. Each can download any resume sample and edit it the way he/she need. BUT do you really know what is the difference between each resume format? Which one could enhance your profile and make your resume stronger? We are here to show you differences and help you to make right choice. Our design team prepared latest resume templates in docx format for you. Each template you can download to your PC and free to edit.

Which Resume Format is For You

Once you understood that you need an outstanding resume, you need to be focused to achieve that result. A good experience is to think that you are creating a self-promotion document, which could help you to land a job you dream on. Any resume is like a marketing document, which promotes your candidacy to other people. People, who are deciding whether you are good candidate or not. The main goal of any resume is not to let them hesitate. They should be convinced, that you are the right one person to be invited for an interview.

As you know, there are many different approaches how you could write your resume. They are bit different one from other and used to highlight or hide something. Let’s have a look on different types of resume formats 2022 now.

Chronological Resume Format

Each third resume you could see on HR’s table was written used a chronological resume template. The one of the most common resume formats and widely used by all job seekers. Unfortunately, not all those candidates, who prefer to use this type of resume format can recognize all pros and cons. To be frank, a chronological resume is not for all. To understand that, please read our checklist below.

Chronological resume is best for:

  1. Fresh grads, who had any paid experience on similar positions. For some cases, this type of resume is good for internships.
  2. Professionals with a proven experience and impressive employment history in a specific area of field.
  3. People, who can show impressive movements along their career path in well-known huge companies.
  4. Candidates, who used to work in international or huge local companies with a proven brand awareness.
  5. For some ex-military or ex-government positions, where you are not looking for some federal position and seeking for some civil positions. For some cases, when you’d like to use chronological resume instead of federal resume.

Chronological resume is NOT the Best option for:

  1. Job Jumpers (JJ) – for candidates, who changed their jobs/positions too frequent. They are also can be recognized like “jumpers”. Using chronological format, it could be easy to recognize, because all your employment history is like a fish in a barrel.
  2. Job seekers with a serious employment gaps in their employment history. You can explain such gaps during an interview process, but who knows if they will invite you after what they will see. If such gaps is not possible to conceal somehow – this type of resume format is not the best option in your case.
  3. People, who have two or more directions in terms of their career path development. For example, those – who decided to change their field in age of 40 or more.
  4. Too overqualified candidates. In some cases, you have more chances to sell your candidacy more efficiently using other resume type.
  5. Fresh grads without any relevant experience.

Chronological Resume Template 2022

As it was already written above, traditional resume templates are good to be used by those candidates, whose experience and career path is impressive enough to wonder even experienced hiring manager. In other case, you will have more disadvantages, compared to other candidates. You really don’t need that. Most likely, chronological resume helps hiring manager to evaluate the speed of your career growth.

We tried to design all our templates of chronological format in strict and non-creative design. You would never find there any aggressive colors and bright sections. They should be classic. Real readers of such resumes are old-school hiring managers, who still believe, that the only one way to assess candidates level without an interview – chronological resume. They are wrong, but we need to be ready for such challenges.

Creative red&black resume 2022 sample

Chronological resume 2022 template

Latest resume 2022 sample of chronological resume

Strict black resume template written used chronological format 2022

Should I consider to use some other resume formats in 2022?

It strongly depends on the situation. For some cases – 100% YES, for some other situation, you’d better consider some other formats of resume. There is no one and the most winning solution. All positions are different and each of them is unique, with specific requirements to applied candidates. The best thing you can do – tailor a resume for a specific position you’d like to get.

Don’t focus on a job ad. Right resume format and understand who HR is looking for – a KEY to an interview. Don’t try to lie or add irrelevant information to your CV. Instead of that – pick your resume template and TARGET, TARGET, TARGET YOUR RESUME.

Functional Resume Format

According to the latest trends, functional resumes have become more and more popular, as compared to previous periods of time. What has changed? Hiring managers. Functional resume format supporters become more and more. Some processes and approaches in recruitment have changed and as result functional resume has become more popular.

Functional resume is best for:

  1. Candidates, whose career path includes employment gaps. If you would use this resume template wisely, you will have more chances to make such gaps impossible to recognize.
  2. When your skills is your main asset. Whenever you have soft or hard skills – that’s what you are ready to sell. Using this type of resume format, you don’t need to emphasize in what company you used to work before or some else chronological stuff.
    The best option for job jumpers. You simply don’t need to explain why you changed tons of jobs in so short period of time.
  3. When HR is scanning a functional resume, the only one thing he/she wish to find – skills list. Nobody cares about your past. They want to be sure your skills are still relevant.
  4. When you come back after a long unemployment period. For some reason, you didn’t work for a long period of time. You want to re-enter. To omit a situation, when you don’t want to explain “why it happens with you” – a functional resume is the best option in such case.
  5. An absolutely new area you would like to get in. You decide to change something and real estate agent – is not what you would like to do anymore. You finished some courses and would like to change a position. But all you have for a new position is a list of skills from the previous place. That’s what you need to show in a resume at first.

Functional Resume Template 2022

The main goal of any functional resume template is to put all hiring manager’s attention to skills in your resume. If you will briefly scan our resume samples, you can notice that all of them include skills blocks at the top of a resume. Our designers did that to enhance the value of skills and to be sure your skills-set would not stayed unnoticed. Clen design with strong and mid-strong lines, calm colors and outlined sections. Nothing extraordinary, not defiantly, professional templates.

Such templates were designed to those candidates, who do believe – professional resume template is the half of the things done. We tried to stayed focused on each detail. Functional resume is all about skills you have. We tried to highlight this section as much as it was possible. We put enough weight to this block. We can recommend one of the mentioned templates for such positions like: graphic designer, analyst, product manager, etc. For those candidates, whose main goal to sell their skills as expensive, as it really possible.

Blue creative resume sample 2022 in functional format

Functional resume 2022

Functional resume for 2022

Black with skills template of functional resume 2022

Achievements & skills

List of skills is not the only one thing hiring managers will trying to finds in functional resume. They should be somehow proven. The best solution to prove how well you did your job – include achievements.

Achievements should be proven and real. It’s a good practice to include achievements above the skills-set block. It’s good because when hiring manager will scan your resume, he/she at least will start from your accomplishments and will move to skills.

Combination Resume Format

Pretty rare resume format in 2022 and going to be rarer in 2022. It works only for a specific audience. Those audience are hiring managers, who following more traditional approaches in resume writing and still believe that the chronological resume format will save a world.

There is nothing special you need to know if you would like to use this type of resume template. All you need to do is mix. But mix it right way. You need to show a career path in reverse-chronological order and at the same time inject skills. Those HR’s, who would like to see your promotion history will get what they want. Other – will be happy, because they found your skills set.

Combination Resume Template 2022

The one of the most effective from the one side and pretty controversial from the other side. Combination resume is something, what can produce more questions from the hiring manager than any other resume format. You are trying to include there almost everything: skills, accomplishments, awards, certificates and many more. BUT you need to remember that any resume is not a shelf with books of your own history. It’s a marketing document.

Due to this reasons above, we decided to change a situation. In our templates, you will not find as much information as it possible to add. Mixing functional and chronological resumes, we tried to design and include only the best parts from those two templates. To be frank, including skills and part of your employment history – this is what all hiring manager are expecting from this type of resume.

2022 resume format

Mixed resume sample with highlighted skills section

Splitted combination resume template

Combination resume template with sections

Combination resume is best for:

Those job seekers, who would like to find the job in the same field/area, but at the same time want to emphasize their best hard or soft skills.
IT specialists. Their skills set is easy to measure, but at the same time their is luck of employment history. Combination format would be the best option here.

Still, a combination resume can be pretty tricky. It might raise a lot of unnecessary questions from hiring managers. When you combine skills with your all your employment history, you need to be really attentive not to miss something.

Latest Resume Format Templates 2022

We brought the whole design team together and ask them to provide us the best resume template 2022 examples. You can use this section as a navigator in different types of resume formats. You will see all the most used resume templates, recommendations to when each format of resume is better to use and where. Using such instructions, you can pick the best template and increase your chances to get the job this year.

Two-Page Resume Template 2022

The only one recommendation we would like to give you about two-page resumes – DON’T WASTE TIME. Stop doing the same mistakes most candidates faced two or three years ago. It was a huge wave of those candidates, who though that including almost everything to your resume is the best solution. They strongly believed that the hiring manager are willing to spend their time reading tow or more pages of their resumes.

STOP. Hiring managers are busy people. They are scanning your resume in seconds. Up to 6 seconds – an average time professional hiring manager or recruiter needs to scan a resume to understand who you are and what is your level. They don’t need LONG stories. They need CORE of your resume. Instead of creating such old-school templates, we decided to design modern, brand new “core” resume templates.

! Extension. Only federal resume can be extension from rules. Sometimes federal resumes are 5-7 sheets long and it’s not a limit.

Outstanding resume example

Crafted resume example with tailored template

Two page resume sample

Skills-based resume sample for 2022 year

Creative Resume Template 2022

Creative job seekers want to stand out from a crowd. They are looking for possibilities to craft a really creative resume template. But how it really works? For some cases, creative resume template is really good, especially when you are applying for some creative positions like UI designer or Marketing manager, etc. On the other hand, creative approach in resume writing could be really tricky, and we will try to explain why.

First of all, it’s fully not compatible with an ATS system. If your resume is going to be recognized by ATS – you have no chances, because most likely it’s a pdf template. Not all pdf, even more with pictures will be recognized.

Still, we do believe, interesting, creative and really strong resume has more benefits, compared to a common Word document with some boring to read data.

Black resume sample with outlined skills section and achievements

Resume example with a photo and not common template

Creative resume sample with colored sections

Colored resume example

Modern Resume Template 2022

Unless if you are not a top manager or candidate with a vague profile, modern resume template is right for you. As you know, each resume format is designed to make HR’s live easier. All they need is easy to read and good to remember resume. If you are ready to deep into detail and to tailor your resume according to our templates – you are welcome.

For some reasons, modern resume templates are not good enough for ATS systems. But still, they work outstanding for those candidates, who want to impress hiring managers. Using a bright template and including photo to your CV would increase your chances to be noticed.

Modern resume template 2022 sample 1

Modern resume template 2022 sample 2

Modern resume template 2022 sample 3

Modern resume template 2022 sample 4

Clean Resume Template 2022

The main idea of this type of resume format is too keep your resume as clean as it possible. Do not try to overload it with tons of useless details. Nobody needs that. The main idea here is to catch a hiring manager’s attention. Once you have already cMayht, you interested HR in a good candidate. All other activities and the final battle will be during an interview.

Watch the latest resume format template with clean design

Green and black structured resume sample

Black and white resume format with outlined sections

Resume with a clean

Simple Resume Template 2022

Stylish, easy to read and professionally formatted resume template. Good for those candidates, who are looking and open for something new.

Simple resume template (sample 1)

Simple resume template (sample 2)

Simple resume template (sample 3)

Simple resume template (sample 4)

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