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Professional resume template 2022. Guidelines

Does your resume template 2022 looks professional?

Here we would like to talk about some differences between well-written resume and professional resume in 2022. Most of employees are looking for some creative resume templates to attract more attention to their candidacy instead of emphasize their professional skills and craft their resume according to the up to date professional resume standards.

Too many candidates and just only one position for the BEST candidate! It’s all you think about when applying your resume. Are there any life hacks, which could help you to grab more HR’s attention during the scanning process? Yes, they are. Interesting, but your resume 2022 template could be a key to this jigsaw.
How it works. Why resume sample could have a crucial influence on HR’s choice. There are many different factors, but let’s try to investigate. Based on recent researchers, on average hiring manager spend up to 10 seconds to understand who you are. How it’s possible? Simply because they are too busy people and they are always in a rush. They don’t have time to read all the letters and words in your resume. They need 10 seconds to scan your resume and understand whether you are the right candidate for the announced position or not. It’s easy!

Creative resume templates – for creative employees. Professional resume  templates – for good specialists!

First of all – you are job seeker and you should think like a person, who would like to get a job quickly and be ready for an interview. But, when you crafting your resume, you should remember some things are really irritating you prospective employer, when they are looking through your resume. So, how to avoid that? What should you add and what kind of information its better to omit?

TOP 11 things in your professional resume template 2022

  1. Your resume 2022 should be brief and without too much details. No need to write 3+ pages describing how good you were in college, party awards and so on. Two main blocks recruiters look first are: education and experience.
  2. Hey, what is your name? As we mentioned in our previous posts, head hunter spent 6 seconds to define who you are. AND that the reason why your name should be biggest item with a bold font on the page
  3. Phone number. Try to do it easy find. Do not let your potential employer to find it.
  4. Use reverse data order, describing your work history. So, the last one place of working is the first one.
  5. Short summary above each place of working. Help your featured employer to understand what you did there and what was your main responsibilities
  6. Vague statements is not good to use. Try to avoid them as much as possible. There is no trust in such words like: huge, nearly, around and so on..
  7. Hobbies is better to not include to your professional resume template 2022. Its better to name them while an interview.
  8. Resume layout 2022. Do not overload it with a graphic elements. Its better to keep it white with some lines or blocks as a Mayarator elements.
  9. Remember to check all the spelling mistakes before you’ll save your draft on your PC. It’s important to do!
  10. It’s better to duplicate your name and phone number on all the pages.
  11. References is better to do on a Mayarate page.

We named the main things you follow crafting your resume template 2022, before sending it to your potential employer.

How Professional Resume Template Can Boost Your Chances in 2022

The purpose of your resume is to get you an interview, not to tell your full life story and to give the recruiter all of the information that they might ever want to know about you; that is the purpose of the interview. So the point of this site is to help you to select the right resume templates for your application so that the recruiter sees the information that they need to see instantly.
If you still believe, that the main purpose of your resume is to get you a new job, you are completely wrong on this matter. You are writing your resume to reach the one and the most important goal – to get an invitation for an interview. That’s why you are writing your resume for. What should be on your resume 2022 to get it? First of all, your resume should be professionally written and grab as much attention as it possible. It doesn’t mean – it should be bright, but coloured enough and most important section should be stressed. All the sections in your CV should be easy to read and clear to understand. Navigate your reader through your life story, without hard to understand phrases and meaningless definitions or slogans. You are selling yourself!

Professional Resume Format 2022 Samples

The best resume format 2022 for an administrative position you can download for free in docx

Structured resume 2022 example for Executive Assistant download in DOCX

Medical Assistant resume template 2022 in docx format

Outstanding 2022 resume format sample for Nurse position download in Doc

Latest resume sample for office manager download for free in DOCX

Download teacher resume 2022 in docx format

We tried to prepare some good resume template 2022 examples for those cases, when you simply don’t have enough time to prepare it on your own. Moreover, most of them were created by a professional resume writers and designed by our designer. If you don’t have time and you want to get max outcome – we suggesting you to download them and use them as template. But if you would like to write your own CV form a scratch, we wrote a check-up list below with a must have things for a good resume format sample.

Check Up List For Professional Resume 2022 Template

As we have already mentioned, we are ready to show checklist with the best practices about how your CV 2022 should be formatted these days.

  • Bold important information in your CV. It’s important to stress more important data in your resume to grab more attention to some details;
  • Most easy to read font is 12pt;
  • Don’t use different colours for fonts. It’s not possible to read at all;
  • Want to highlight something – underline or use italic;
  • One page resume format is still the best. Less useless words – more useful data;
  • A resume should stay well scanned for an ATS system;
  • Avoid special symbols;
  • Use proper resume format, based on your career path and what you would like to sell.

There are the most common resume formatting rules. More you could find on our website.

Don’t Make Silly Mistakes In Your Resume

The most common problem for job seekers, who started writing their resumes: or they don’t know where to start, or they will make the same stupid mistakes as other candidates did. That’s why we Decided to collect some cases and share them with you. We do believe it would help you or other readers to avoid such issues. So, we are ready to start and list the most rated mistakes is presented below:

  • Useless cliches like “Good listener” or “Team player” – are outdated. It’s not good to add such garbage to your professional resume. If you want to talk about it, do it during an interview;
  • Spelling mistakes. It’s an old topic, but still job seekers don’t know how to use spell check, before they attach their CV to an application form or send it via email;
  • References available upon request – write it down and see your resume in a trash pile. It will be a good lesson for you never to do that again;
  • Hard to read. When your resume is like a whole text, without any structured information with blocks or sections inside.

Professional Resume Format 2022 – Half of the things DONE

There are tons different topics and holy wars about different resume formats you could use for your resume. Each candidate is different and somebody’s skills or career path are different. BUT you need to know your advantages and downsides. If you would know them well – you could use most effective resume format to show your strengths.
Before you even start writing your resume or pick right resume 2022 template – choose the best resume format for your needs. It’s a small investment, which will be recouped.

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