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Resume 2022 Education Section

Which part of your resume is the most important to read for a hiring manager, how do you think? There is no right answer on this question, because each hiring manager is trying to find the candidate, according to the company’s needs. And in some cases, you resume education section, could be as important, as some other resume sections like your experience or achievements.

How to list education in your resume 2022?

Depends on position level, your education section could be a crucial factor for a hiring manager to make a decision. And today, we’re going to talk about what is better to include there and how important such information could be for a hiring manager. So, we’re about to start and help you with this resume section.

Education section. Where to place.

There are many different opinions on this matter. Too many hiring managers are trying to tell their point of view, BUT we would like to share with you our experience. And after you will read our post, we hope you will follow some useful advice’s.

So, there are some good tips on what and where to include into your resume education section:

  1. When you are writing a resume, we hope that you are tailoring it to a desired position. And some hiring manager would like to see your education first and after they go through another resume sections. And it’s important to highlight your education (degree) as well.
  2. Once you choose a professional resume template, check twice if you included an education section and it’s easy to find. Moreover, if you are a fresh grad, you need to pay attention to that.
  3. Your degree. Remember to include your specialty and University name. Some hiring manager are looking for students only from specific universities. It’s not a good idea to miss your chance.
  4. Don’t try to focus all the time on your degree or university you graduated. Education section is more support-oriented section, which you better to show, but don’t pay too much attention.

Resume 2022 – HOW TO’s (Education section)

We faced to many questions many job seekers asked on the web or left some comments on the blogs. And after all, we decided to make some notes about how to list an education in your resume 2022. What is good to do, and could only reduce your chances to get a new job. Especially, for candidates, who have more than one degree. What should you do then?

  • Only the most relevant and valuable information for a hiring manager. This is the most important rule. Your education section MUST be easy to read. DON’T list all the schools you were attended. Only the last school, where you have been granted a degree and that’s enough.
  • Show dates. It’s a good practice to show dates when you have finished an university. HR’s need to know when you started your education process and when you finished it.
  • Awards and Certificates. It’s a bit other resume section. No need to include everything to your education section. If you finished some courses or attended some events – it’s a good idea to include that into another place.

There are some nice tips, which could help you to keep your education clean and easy to read. Believe us – in some cases, hiring manager even don’t want to know about your education, BUT it’s when your career path is impressive enough.

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