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Resume 2022 Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes, there is no need to invite something NEW, when we’re talking about writing a new resume. Sometimes it’s enough to remove the most common mistakes and polish your resume.

As you already heard, we receive tons of emails on the daily basis, where job seekers asking us about how to polish their resumes. Most of them even do not expect, that their resumes are good enough to be send as is and there is no need to add something or remove. The only one thing they should do – is to check their resume for the most common mistakes.

Hiring managers are busy people and all they want to get – the best candidates to close any positions without any additional efforts. And we should not wonder here. We should help them here. Many candidate’s resumes goes to trash pile immediately, because they contains mistakes, when it’s not acceptable at all.

What are we going to talk about today? MISTAKES in your resume. It’s like a mainstream, more and more candidates do not spend enough time to polish their resumes or resume format before they send it via application form. At the final result, you start asking us “Why don’t they call me back?” Because you did not spent enough time to make your resume clean and proofread. Based on the current situation, we decided to change this situation somehow and prepared a special check up list, which would help you to remove the most common mistakes from your resume.

#1 / Resume objective summary

resume 2022 summary
Do you really looking for a job? Seems like YES, if you write about it in your resume objective summary

It’s obvious that you are seeking for a job at the moment and it’s obvious that you are considering different opportunities at the moment. And if you still believe that you will impress hiring manager writing an outstanding resume objective – you are completely wrong here.

Why do you want to get this job? Try to answer this question using a cover letter. And there is no need to explain why you are the best in resume objective. It’s not a good idea to answer an obvious questions. Moreover, you add additional useless information to your resume, which can be changed to something more worth to be seen by a hiring manager.

#2 / Irrelevant experience

resume 2022 tips
Whatever you did on your previous places of work, not all the things you need to include to your resume

When a hiring manager is seeking for a new candidate or simply scanning somebody’s resume – the first thing they are looking at is your experience. And the more relevant it is to a desired position, the more chances you have to get a call from HR. Why? Because it means that you are familiar with an area and ready to start and bring result after on-boarding process.

But it’s not cool for hiring manager to spend their time, reading completely irrelevant experience you have gained in college or in some other place. Hiring manager spent his/her time reading that, you waste your time writing it, your resume gets weaker – because you add useless information.

#3 / Personal details (non legal)

resume mistakes 2022 to avoid
Never include any non legal information to your resume

If your hiring manager is asking you about your age, marital status, religious preferences – it’s not legal to ask such information from their side. And it’s a good idea to remove such information from your resume to increase your chances to get a first touch.

#4 / Hobbies in resume

hobies in resume 2022
Nobody cares about your hobbies. They don’t need it!

To be frank, nobody cares if you are football player or you like hockey. Unless you are sales manager (sport accessories) and you like sport. In other cases, hiring managers are seeking for relevant experience.

Some job portals would tell you something like..”NO WAY! Include hobbies. Hiring manager need to know what are your interests and it would be easier to understand your EQ”. It’s cool, if some companies do that, but only some does. Most Likely, nobody cares.

#5 / Age in resume

2022 resume
Nobody need to know what is your real age.

Have you ever seen resumes, where candidates including their age? Most of them are trying to hide their name because of many reasons. Some job seekers don’t want to show their age, because they are too old, some of them don’t want to show employee, because they are too young. Anyway, before the will call you to clarify something, they should not understand your age. And you should not reduce your chances to be invited for an interview, because you will include your age into a resume.

#6 / Resume is TOO long

resume 2022 format
Try to use one page resume format

When you are writing a resume, you are writing a marketing document, which goal is to help you sell your candidacy as well as it’s possible. However, if your resume is so long and took hiring manager to bring extra efforts to read it – you are not in the best situation here.

Hiring managers are busy people. They don’t have enough time to scan each candidate’s resume. If they can’t understand if you are good enough to invite you for an interview – your resume goes to a trash pile. You need to “catch” them using some other ways, but resume lengths is not the best option here.

#7 / Time to refresh

mistakes in resume
Always refresh your resume or update it time to time

In some cases, you have a great chance to relax a bit and take a long-time vocation. Because of many reason, we’re not going to specify them all now. But now we’re going to talk about if you need to show such information in your resume.

There are many different points of view on this matter. If you want to hide an employment gap – it’s a good idea to include such information to your resume. BUT – if you want to include that, just only to include, it’s not a good idea to do that. Maybe in other countries is common practise, but not in USA.

#8 / References upon request

2022 resume format
Whatever you did or doing now, never include references before an interview

We don’t know why, but most likely all the candidates add references to their resumes. If you will ask us why? We will 100% answer you – WE DON’T KNOW. Why do you think hiring manager will spend time calling using phone numbers you left in your resume.

No need to do that It’s outdated style. Hiring managers prefer to scan your resume for relevant experience and other details. AND after that, if they’d like your resume, they would rather invite you for an interview. And only after, they could ask you to provide references.

#9 / Unprofessional email address

latest resume format
Only professional e-mail to be used

What email address do you use to communicate with a hiring managers? We do believe, you are using your personal e-mail address, not business or corporate one. And also we believe that you are using professional name as your e-mail name.

What are we talking about? Hm, if you have an e-mail address like “” – you are the one, whose chances a bit lower, compare to other candidates. It’s easy – if you are a serious person and looking for a well-paid job, you need to be prepared. The most common example to create a good e-mail account is:

#10 / Obvious stuff

best resume 2022
No need to include obvious stuff to your resume

Your resume is a really important document, which will land you to a new job. All free space in your resume must used in the most effective way. Why should you spend it for obvious things like: “Phone number” or “Email:”..

There is no need to do that. Hiring managers are not stupid people, they understand well everything. Moreover, such thing will irritate them.

#11 / Business contact details

latest 2022 resume
Don’t do common mistakes. Never use business

Don’t do that! Never. It’s not so dangerous for you, if you have already quit and trying to find a new job from home. Nothing serious if things goes like that, the only one problem – your past employee can read your correspondence.

In other case, when you are still working at your current place of work – it’s not a good idea to use your business e-mail. You need separate your current job-related correspondence with all the stuff related to your job searching project.

PS. Also, if you are using your business email for a job search, hiring manager could easily understand what company do you work at the moment.

#12 / Who is your Boss?

resume tips
Never say something bad about your ex-boss in your resume

Hiring managers can ask you any provocative questions about your boss during an interview process. It’s allowed and common practice. But, you should not write any details about your boss in your resume. It’s not a good idea.

Your relationships or any agreements with your ex-employer are in past. No need to involve hiring managers in your relationships. You are here now. And you wrote your resume, because you are looking for a new opportunities and new employee.

#13 / Specific jargon or acronyms

Updated resume in 2022
Still using jargon in your resume?

Specific words or so-called “jargon”, which you used on your previous place of work should not be used in your resume. Nobody know what is “scrapper” or RTHN – such words are useless for a hiring managers. If you want to show your level of expertise, you can do that during an interview.
No need to scare HR’s. if you have something to say, do it during a talk with a specialist, who will interview you after.

#14 / Salary

CV latest format 2022
It’s not a good idea to include salary to your resume

There are two point of view when we’re talking about salary in your resume. First of all, we need to understand when it’s a good idea to add salary to your resume. Add salary to your resume, when you don’t want to consider job position with less salary, than announced in your resume.

From the other hand, you have a great chance to get a bit more wage, if you will not put it into your resume. Because you have chance to discuss this question during an interview. You see HR’s interest in your candidacy, you feel how an interview process going and such things let you ask more, if everything goes well.

#15 / Unrelated social links

Professional resume format
Social profiles are for your private use. No need to share them with all you communicate

It’s a huge trend, when more and more job seekers adding their social profiles to a resume. But links with a social profiles, not links to a FB with some weird information. No need to include links to your Instagram, or personal blog or forum profile.

All the links, which has no any relation to your professional experience – you need to remove. In other case, you have chance to be not understood by a hiring manager. All the information must enhance your candidacy, but not bring mess into resume.

#16 / Outdated or fancy fonts

best tips for resume
Fancy fonts are for cartoons. You a writing a professional resume

You are not drawing a picture and you are not writing a fairy tails for kids. You are writing your resume. Professional resume, which is going to help you to sell your candidacy the best way. It means, that you should not use any fancy or extraordinary fonts in your resume.

Read more here, if you don’t know how to format 2022 resume they way it will bring you first calls from a hiring managers.

#17 / Buzzwords

resume keywords tips
Instead of using buzzwords in resume, you’d better think about keywords

Want to impress hiring manager? Show results in your achievement section, but don’t try to overwhelm your resume with tons of buzzwords. It doesn’t work. Moreover, in some cases, hiring manager could ask you to explain them during an interview, and you can stay in losing position. Do you need that? If not, add more keywords to your resume to beat ATS, but not buzzwords.

#18 / Short-term employment

resume tips 2022
Shot-term periods in your employment history is not a good sign for you! Try to hide such gaps

There are some cases or better-say “experience”, when you placed some job for not a long period of time. When we’re talking about “not long” – we mean under six months. If you have some experience like that – it’s not a good idea to add such information to your resume.

There are too many reasons why. Some hiring manager will do wrong conclusions, they will think that you are not stable job seekers and all the time you are in an active job search. And it means that you are not interesting for them, because you would leave them in a few months after the start.

More of Most Common Mistakes

The hiring process is not an easy work. They are looking for the best candidates. If you are ready to lose your chance even on resume scanning stage – you can easily do that. But, you can try to change the situation.

Each resume is a kind of marketing tool for a candidate. If you know how to use ir right way – you would have much more chances to attract the hiring manager’s attention. But at the same time, well-written resume can be like a red color for bull. Today we decided to grab the most common mistakes job seekers does, writing their resumes. We collect them all together to share with you. Now you’ll know what is bad to do and how to omit such mistakes.

No Proofreading

The biggest mistake you do, if you don’t proofread your resume before attach it to apply form or send to HR. They would never forgive you that. Spelling mistakes – the worst thing could happen with you. If you didn’t find enough time to read your resume twice, hiring manager would never believe that you are attentive to details. Or any other soft skill or buzzwords you decided to include to your resume.

If something unbelievable happens and you have made grammar mistakes – it’s better to leave your resume closed on your laptop. Nobody could ever believe, that you don’t know how to use spell and grammar checker tools.

Drunk Party resume photos

Nobody could ask you to include photo to your resume. And there is no reason to do that, if nobody ask. But, still there are some candidates believe that – they would have much more chances, if they could include photo to their resume.
Somehow, that’s true. If hiring manager is seeking candidate for such position alike waiter or model – you have much more chances, if you would have your photo included to a resume. BUT it should be a business photo. It’s not acceptable at all to add your bikini selfies.

Voicemail to check up

There are some really strong resumes with outstanding people, until hiring manager will call and hear unprofessional voicemail. After that, your great chances to get this job reduce in times. Do you really need that?
If your cell was already added to your resume, please, pay attention to what exactly is recorded and whether it professional enough. Don’t let your voicemail leave you without job.

Lazy words

The process of writing an outstanding resume is not an easy task. That’s why, there are too many job seekers, trying to use “lazy words” in their resumes. And you need to know, that hiring manager don’t like them. Furthermore, they interpret them into something like – “That’s his/her job. Why it’s not possible to spend a bit more time to show more details?”

Do you remember such bad things like “etc.” or “the same as listed above”. That’s not the best approach to mention about something in your resume.

Resume is like a novel

There is one golden rule for writing a winning resume – it shouldn’t be more than 2 pages. If your resume is too long – nobody have time to read it. You are not the only one candidate. The pool is over. If you didn’t catch hiring manager attention – you simply lose your chance.
Try to include everything to one page. If you can’t – remove useless and less important information from your resume.

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