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Resume 2022 was submitted. Why nobody get back to me?

It’s really hard feeling when you spent 2 days tailoring your resume for specific vacant positions, submitted them – and SILENT! The first thing you think about – nobody wants to hire me, I’m useless.
First of all – stop thinking this way! We know that it could be really hard, but first of all – stop panic! If you created really outstanding resume 2022 – be sure, you’ll land your job, without any doubts.

Resume 2022 was sent. Silence!

You don’t hear back after sending your resume

There could be many reasons why you don’t hear back after sending your resume 2022. Let’s see some of them listed below:
High competition:
Interesting position and there are too many job seekers applied on this position. If so, hiring managers are going to choose only those, whose relevant experience would fit the best, according to the position description.
Software tools:
We have already talked about some software hiring agencies use to find only the best applicants. How such software works? It’s like search engine machine, which find relevant keywords in your resume 2022 and output only the candidates, who fit the best. If your resume doesn’t contain some relevant keywords, that could be the reason.
Generic approach:
Lots of candidates finished some special courses, where they were provided with some generic resume templates. Sometimes, it’s not good idea to use it, because it would be hard thing for hiring manager to understand who you are and why should they invite you. Try to tailor your resume template 2022 according to the best practices.
They just changed their mind:
It’s usual thing. Sometimes, company is asking hiring manager to find a good candidate. They start searching process and in 1 week they understand – we don’t need such specialist. You continue submitting your resume, but nobody cares. And that’s true.

It was a good interview. Why don’t they call me back?

It’s really hard to know that you spent your time on interview, and hiring manager even didn’t give you any feedback. Don’t let down, there could be some reasons.
You are number two:
It’s a well know trick, when hiring manager understand that you could be an alternative candidate. For example they are negotiating now with more skilled applicant, but they are not 100% sure he/she will accept their offer. In such case, they prefer to not give you a feedback, until they would 100% understand if the first one candidate is the one they are looking for.
Low communication:
Because of low communications skills and gaps in internal processes, some candidates do not receive any feedback. Why? Recruiter guess that you have already receive your feedback, and hiring manager think the same. But in fact, there were no any feedback!
Anyway, do not upset! We do believe you’ll find your job, even better than the previous one with a greater salary!

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