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Resume Achievements – How To Write

When it comes about your career path – your experience section could help a hiring manager to understand who are you and what value you could bring. BUT not always! In some cases – you need to be more obvious and help them understand that you are the one person, who they are looking for! And how it’s possible? You have a really good place in your resume to do that – it’s your achievement section.

All you need to know about resume 2022 achievements in your latest resume format

What do you know about how hiring manager behaves? According to the latest polls, an average hiring manager spend up to 10 seconds to scan your resume and to make decision if it’s worth to call you or not. And it’s your time – where you need to catch their attention and help them understand that you are the candidate who they are looking for. That’s your goal and you need to move forward to reach it! And today we’re going to talk about how your achievement section could tell a hiring manager even more compared to the whole resume. What you achieved, what you brought and what you implemented..that’s the core of the things each reader, who is looking for the good candidates wants to read.

Not what you did! What was done and bring some measurable results!

Measurable Achievements, not processes

Too many candidates are doing the one and the main mistake – they are trying to include as much information to their resume as it is possible to do. But hiring manager is not looking for amount of words you included to a resume – they are looking for the best candidate, who will fit the position. And you need to know how to show them, that you are worth of their attention and time.

That’s why you need to pay attention to your achievements sections and help them understand how to measure your success. You did something, you did it well BUT nobody knows how to understand if you were quite good enough.. And now you need to show hiring manager what you did and how well. BUT how it’s possible? We will try to help you answer these questions.

Quantified results – best solution

Nobody cares about what education do you have or how long did you work in a specific field, if you want to impress a hiring manager, you need to show WOW facts. And all these fact they could easily find in your achievement section. Now we’re going to tell you a bit more about how to write such section to get a MAX result.

How to show you value in achievement section (some examples):

  1. You used to work as a sales manager. And you were really successful. And if you are going to write just that – it’s going to be a big fail. You need to help HR understand why you were the best. How good sales manager you were? Show some numbers, if they are not under NDA.
  2. You were a manager? Show how well you managed people or if you saved a budget, you could easily tell about that in your achievement section. Use % to tell about you budget savings staff.

You are self-developer. It’s important to show

You need to show that you are not staying at the same point and all the time you are looking for a new way on how to develop as a specialist and increase your soft skills.

Maybe you could tell hiring manager about something like:

  1. Tell them about your nearest plans (professional) and what certificates, awards you already have and what are you going to do next. They loke people, who have plans and who achieved some results.
  2. Tell them something about “hard to solve” situations you faced, maybe on your previous place of work and how you solved it.
  3. Maybe you are the one, who implemented something new on your previous job and you have some exciting results, which you are ready to share with your reader. That’s going to be really interesting.
  4. Tell them about your attitude to work, showing how well your soft skills are. Or maybe how well your communication skills are.
    You don’t know what to write there at all.

Heh, we faced such cases as well. In some cases, it’s a common situation for many candidates. Maybe, you could ask somebody for a good recommendation?

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