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Resume Buzzwords – MYTH or REALITY

There are tons of different hiring managers, who still believe that a good resume 2022 should contain some good keywords. And we want to stress – KEYWORDS, not buzzwords. But still, if you would like to boost your resume and use some interesting or somehow “tricky” words – the best solution for you is to read more about buzzwords.

All you need to know which buzzwords are worth to include to your resume and which one’s would only hold you back

Does buzzwords important to include to your resume? Wouldn’t it be somehow disgusting for a hiring manager to read such resume? Both YES and NO – because when you using buzzwords in your resume, you need to remember that hiring manager is going to read your resume. And when all your resume consist of buzzwords – it’s too much. You need to understand that! Because your resume 2022 should be easy to read and balanced.

Is it worth to use buzzwords?

According to the latest researches and polls, a lot of candidates are trying to stand out from the mass and every time seeking for new ways on how to do that. And it’s common for all job seekers. Do you remember the last time you wrote you resume and what did you include there? Yes – you tried to show your reader as much value, as it’s really possible. And it’s good!

Resume buzzwords – it’s another good (in some cases – bad) way on how you could stand out from a crowd and show your willingness to win! You are not going to use some alternative ways on how to attract hiring manager’s attention – perhaps are looking for a video resume or catchy resume template or resume format, whatever you would use, you need to know what resume buzzword are good to use and which would only irritate HR’s

Resume Buzzwords 2022 – SURVEY

Writing your resume, you need to understand that hiring managers are looking for the most valuable information for them. And resume buzzwords you decided to include to your resume could be your “friends” and “ill-wishers” as well. Before you start writing or, maybe removing some buzzwords from your resume, we would like to share with you some results. As you can see below are two different results. One about which buzzwords does hiring managers would like to see in candidates resumes, and other about what is better to remove from your resume.

Good to use Resume Buzzwords

What resume 2022 buzzwords you could use and those are not irritate hiring managers

Bad to use Resume Buzzwords

Which resume buzzwords are better to omit writing your outstanding resume

After you coped with your resume, usually there are some approaches on how to include buzzwords into your resume. You could do that when your are writing it, or you could do it after. If you will do it after, you will gain much better results.

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