Resume Format 2022


Today we’re going to talk about resume writing. As you understand, you are not the first, who is going to write a resume and you are not the one who will face tons of troubles writing it. Before we would like to start our article, we would like to share with you some information or give you a small intro into a resume world.

So, seems like it’s your first resume 2022, and you are looking for some advices on how to write it. You are not the one here and most of job seekers like you do the same things and do them the same way. Some things they do right, some things they do wrong..BUT our main goal is to show you what exactly you should do and how to prevent you from the most often mistakes, which tons of candidates did before. They did, but we hope, you will read everything and would gain some knowledges, which could not only save your time, but would enhance your chances to get the right job, which you are looking for.

How to write a resume 2022

The first thing you could start with is to understand what you would like to get at the end and what kind of position are you looking for. Once you’ll understand that, you could easily solve half of the questions. Latest resume format 2022 – is more than half of the job done. Once you’ll pick the most effective and targeted for you, it’s a great idea to put your attention to outstanding resume templates 2022. After some polishing and guiding the latest rules – you would see how effective a resume could be.

resume 2022 main steps
Here are the main steps on how to write an outstanding resume in 2022 to get a job offer.

How to pick a resume format 2022

There are tons of different point of views about how resume format could be useful for you and why it’s a good idea to start using it. Each document has its own structure. Resume is not an exception here. You are adding some information to a document in already known blocks and paragraphs. It helps your reader to read a document much faster and to find an information over there in seconds. You save their time, they are lucky!

A small sum up why you should pay attention to choose a right resume format 2022:

  1. Make a resume EASY TO READ.
  2. Choosing the right resume format, you would get much more opportunities and tricks to target a resume for a desired position.
  3. Structured format is easy to scan. You don’t need to bring any extra efforts to find an information you are looking for.
  4. You can easily hide not comfortable information, which you don’t want to include to a resume. Using right resume template you and do that without any troubles.
  5. Proper resume format can tell a reader much more that you could even expect. If you are going to use functional format – you are focusing more on hard skills. If you would like to pick chronological – you have a strong proven experience and you are ready to show all the “tricky” moment.

After you have seen all the benefits why you should think about proper resume format, it’s a good idea to think about which one is yours. To pick a right format of resume is not an easy task, which you are going to solve. Before you would make your decision, we are suggesting you to have a look on the whole list of different resume formats. Once you’ll deep into each template, it wouldn’t be hard to understand what benefits you could get from it. Here we go!

Most Common Resume Formats in 2022

resume templates 2022
Three most using reusume templates. Understand your needs and pick the right one for you.
  1. Professional
  2. Chronological
  3. Functional
  4. Combination
  5. Targeted
  6. College

As you can see below, each of mentioned above resume formats has it’s own pros and cons. You have a great chance to have a look on each resume template to understand if its worth to use in your case or not. What benefits you could get from it and how they could be useful for you. Read more below.

Professional resume 2022 – Solid document, which must sell

best resume 2022
How to write a resume which would bring you new job?

You would never hear a question from an average job seeker like: “What is a resume?” Yes, of course all of them already knew what the resume is and why each of them need it to be done. We hope so. And most likely they would tell you that they need a resume to get the JOB. Yes, they are about to be right, BUT if you would ask us – “why do you need a resume?” We would tell you – to get an invitation for an interview.

Why so? Because your resume 2022 is a marketing document. The main goal of your “marketing” document is to sell your candidacy and nothing else. You need to invest your time into writing a document, which is going to sell you in the most effective way. And nothing more. You don’t need resume to get the job after an interview, you need it to be INVITED for an interview. You are the one of the other candidates. You are the lot on the market and buyers are trying to understand if you are worth of their attention or not.

Professional resume writing approach

If you still thinking that you are the best candidate to fit the desired position, which you are looking for, you are definitely wrong. You could be the best candidate. But all the time you need to keep in your mind, that there are tons of other candidates, which could be better than you, And the reasons could be really different. You would never know which candidate’s parameters are more or less important for a specific hiring manager.

But anyway, it should not be an excuse for you, if you can’t do some stuff, which depends only on you unprofessional. Ok, let’s try to deep into some details and understand some common situations. Let’s imagine an usual day of the hiring manager, who is trying to close a “hard” position and seems like that you are the one of those candidates, who submitted a resume to an application form. Whoo…you coped here. But let’s understand what is going next, on the other part of this not trivial process..
Hiring managers are really busy people. And our hiring manager, who is going to scan your resume is not an exception. It was a hard day for his/her as well, but managers doesn’t care about that, they are looking for the end result. Seems like your resume is in the batch, which is going to be scanned today at the evening. What does it mean for you? That means the only one thing – your resume 2022 must have outstanding resume format.

The most common misconception. You do believe that you are the best candidate and your skills set is the best. Why should you spend your time to format your resume? Anyway, HR would call you and invite for an interview.

And that’s not true. Why? Because there are tons of other candidates, who could probably be more interesting than you are. And seems like you are a huge crown on your head, if you even didn’t spent a couple you minutes to make your resume easy to read. Why there are no dates when you was graduated? Hard skills are good, but it’s unable to read them at all! You kill you resume by yourself.

There are no strict rules about how resume must looks like. There are not strict rules on how to format your resume (only if it’s not a federal resume format). BUT there are some useful frameworks, which were invented to help hiring manager scan your resume and understand who you are in seconds. We don’t want let you irritate HR’s and lose your chances only because of the wrong resume 2022 format you picked or common mistakes you could easily avoid in resume.

Resume 2022 structure. What HR’s are looking for?

You wrote you resume and you believe that it includes everything what HR’s are expecting to see there. But maybe they are looking for something else? Or maybe your resume does not include all the information and you need to include some additional blocks..

Now we would like to share with you some information according to the latest poll across the hiring managers, which shows us how do they behave and what information would they like to see first of all. We hope you know how to use this poll results and what should you adjust and fix in your resume 2022.

Most attractive parts of your 2022 resume by HR’s opinion

What are they looking for in your resume? What parts are the most attractive for them?

Resume format 2022. How to pick yours

Each resume is made to reach the one and the most important goal – to get the job. When we’re talking about the good candidate, we’re talking about an outstanding resume, which he or she could provide to a reader.

We are all people, and each of us has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. And we knew about them. BUT we don’t want to talk about them during an interview process, right? The same situation could be with a resume, while you are writing it. Seems like you were laid off, because you were not the best candidate to fit that position, aren’t you? Or you tired of that job and looking for something new..Or they simply fired you and seems like you have about one year of employment gap behind your back. And that’s all somehow part of your negative experience, which you would like to conceal and avoid hiring manager to know about that.

You could simply ask us the one and the most often question all the candidates asking us: “Does it possible to hide some of my dark sides and to highlight my best skills or achievements?”. YES, it’s possible to do that using the proper resume 2022 format. And now we’re going to talk a bit more about different resume formats and which you’d better to pick, depends on your situation or career path you already have. And now we’re going to talk a bit more about the latest resume formats 2022 with all the pros and cons of each resume format. Getting all these information, you will have a deep understand about which resume format is right for you and which one would only enhance your chances to get an invitation for an interview.

Latest resume format 2022. All you should know

As we have already mentioned above, resume is a kind of a document, which must help you to sell your candidacy. Nobody cares about who you were and how well you were doing some stuff, if it’s not highlighted in your resume – nobody will know about that before and eye-to eye interview. And the proper resume format is the best thing, which should help you here.

As well as each candidate has it’s own pros and cons from different perspective, each resume format 2022 has it’s own pros and cons as well. Using the right resume format should help you to highlight your strengths and conceal some gaps. BUT using not the best (in your case) CV format, somehow could only “bare” not the best things about your candidacy (and not always you could will know about that, but HR will).

We want you to pick the best format of resume 2022. And before you will be ready to do the final choice, we must tell you a bit more about them. And here we go..

Professional resume formats 2022. Which one to use?

According to the latest polls across the hiring managers, who works in different business areas, the most loved resume format they picked as the winner – chronological resume format. BUT it works only for specific candidates. And it doesn’t mean, that using this resume format in your case would be the best option. Now you need to know about some other formats of resume.

Best resume formats 2022, which you need to know about:

Chronological Resume Format. The one of the most used resume format in US, however it’s not the best solution for all the candidates. Why? Because you need to have a solid background and quite a solid career path to stand out from a crowd. If it’s not all about you OR you don’t want to risk now, let’s find out something else, which highlight your skills and achievements, if you would like to focus more on them.

Functional Resume Format. The second after the general resume format, when we’re talking about usage. This resume format was created to show a candidate’s skills and focus on them. If SKILL in your resume is your main asset – definitely, you need to consider this type of resume format. And only after, you could think about how to tailor some other resumes, of course if you have some.

Combination Resume Format. Of course, you don’t want to lose your game and still thinking about the most attractive resume form you perspective. You have a pretty good career path, impressive achievement (not the winning, but quite good enough) and you have some valuable SKILLS. And you believe that such hard skills could only enhance your resume. That’s the case, where you have a great chance to combine two different resume formats. It’s right what you should use. Combination is also known as mixed resume format.

Student resume format. It’s your first job. You don’t have a solid background and looking for an internship or some other job, which probably be the start of your long career path. You must know how to sell your candidacy and how to pack all you university knowledge’s into the best college resume format. The highest competition between students, when we’re talking about junior positions and you need to be the one, who is going to win this battle.

Federal Resume Format. Seems like you are the one, who is considering the government position and would like to get it. The most interesting thing is that only the federal resume format has a strict rules, which you must follow. If you don’t follow rules, you don’t get your job. It’s the only first selection and you should not fail here.

Video Resume Format. It’s not the most used resume format at the moment, but now this is something alike the new trend in resume writing approach. Some candidates are using this type of resume as additional. It’s a good resume for such positions like sales manager or sales consultant or any job position, where you need to show your communication skills.

ATS optimized resume. This type resume format is not about how experienced you are or which strong skills you have. It’s more about how to craft your resume to be sure it will be delivered to HR’s inbox.

Most liked resume 2022 formats by HR’s

Job seekers are not the only one’s who liked to experiment with different resume formats. As well as job seekers use them and create their resume, at the same time hiring managers are scanning and reading resumes. That’s why we decided to share with you some information about the rating across the most liked formats of resume by HR’s in 2022 year.

It doesn’t mean that you should follow their preferences, it’s only additional information for you to let you know. Anyway, what resume format are you going to pick – it’s the only your decision and only you pick this decision.

Which resume 2022 formats are the most liked by hiring managers? Have a look at our poll.

Resume Format 2022. Pros and Cons

Each resume format has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. And it’s really important to understand that writing your resume. If you want enhance the power of your resume, you need to be careful choosing the right resume format. We don’t want you to pick resume format randomly or pick the first one, just only because your best friend decided to do that. We want you get an invitation for an interview and hope you’ll be have to do your best and do the right decision.

Chronological Resume Format 2022 (Pros & Cons)

The one of the most interesting and the most “senior” resume formats comparing to others. Also, this type of resume format is also well known by hiring managers, because it easy to understand the level of the candidate and his/her professional background.

So, now we’re going to create a rough profile of a candidate, who should definitely use a chronological format to enhance his/her chances. Again, we don’t want to say, that if your profile is not pretty close to what you’ll read below, you should use something else. You need to try, but be careful.

Candidate’s profile. You are 100% are not a junior specialist. It’s not your first job and you are not looking for an internship. You tired of freelance or had never tried that and even better, if you have never heard about that. You are senior specialist with a solid background behind your back. You know what do you want and you have enough experience to show it even on two pages of resume, if needed. You have achievements or awards and you are ready to show them to highlight your candidacy in the most positive light. You used to work in a well known companies and you are proud of that.

Chronological Resume Template 2022

Download resume format 2022 DOCX

Download resume format 2022 DOCX

Download resume format 2022 DOCX

Download resume format 2022 DOCX

Main Pros of Chronological Resume Format

Despite of any other resume format, chronological resume has enough strengths, which you could use, even your candidate’s profile is not really close to those, we overwrite above.

  1. It’s the one of the most well known resume formats in US. If you tried all the other resume writing approaches related to resume structure and it was not successfully, you need to try this one.
  2. You should not highlight your skills or main achievements. Clear reverse-chronological resume structure would help you to solve all the tricky moments. You only need to follow the structure and main rules and structure of this format.
  3. Any additional information with explanations about what was that or other project about. Everything is clear and in a strict order. Job – Position – Key Responsibilities – Dates. No need to write a poems near each block, providing some comments.
  4. Some positions required resume to be formatted in chronological format. And you have no choice (if you decided to pick this format – you’re lucky)
  5. Huge corporations or companies – only will standout your candidacy from a crowd. According to the format structure, you need to provide information of the company names. And they will see them all.

Main Cons of Chronological Resume Format

As well as pros, each resume format has some cons. And chronological resume is not an exception. Before you would start writing your resume using this type of format of resume, read cons at first.

  1. You have employment gaps and it’s not possible to hide them at all. In this case, you should avoid this type of resume format, because using it, it’s going to be very easy to see the gaps and as you some tricky questions.
  2. Mixed experience. Seems like you have a mixed experience in different areas and it’s not consistent. You don’t have any achievements there, just only additional skills you gained there.
  3. Job seeker age. It’s easy to understand how old you really are. But if you don’t want them to know that before an interview, you need to try some other resume format.

We believe you would draw conclusions and read more about some other formats. Maybe this one is not the right one for you. Let’s move on to the next one.

The way you grew up in one company or on different position plays the key role here. You are using this template to show your self-brand more. Experience you gained in previous jobs must be shown in a resume. Mixed with duties and proved by real results.

When it’s good to pick a chronological format:

  1. You are self confident candidate with a proven background.
  2. Among the companies you worked in – are some well-known global corporations.
  3. At least 5-7 years of experience, which you are ready to show.
  4. Good for niche specialists, not for those, who are looking any opportunity they face.
  5. If you can show results or KPI’s which were reached and how.

When it’s better to avoid chronological resume:

  1. Full-time job is not an option for you.
  2. You can’t show impressive enough experience background in a specific area or domain.
  3. There are no any achievements in your pocket, which you’d like to share with others.
  4. Jumper? That’s not good idea for you.

Functional Resume Format 2022 (Pros & Cons)

While some candidates are trying to highlight their solid career path or the most impressive achievements, some other job seekers are want to sell their skill-set. And functional resume is the best solution for those candidates, whose hard and soft skills are the most impressive part of their profile.

There are tons of different positions, and all of them are really unique. And sometimes hiring managers are not looking for impressive candidates from huge corporations, they are looking for an average candidate with a skillset they need. And nobody cares who you were and how long you worked on the previous job, all the need is your hard and soft skills.

Candidate’s profile. You are an experienced / not experienced job seeker. You used to have some circumstances and there is one or more huge (over 6 months) employment gaps. And you don’t want to show them in your resume. Or maybe, your career path is not so impressive. Because you changed your job too often to show such information in your resume, and don’t want HR think that you are “job changer”. That’s all you would like to hide from HR’s eyes. BUT still you have pretty nice hard and soft skills, which you are ready to sell. And that’s what you need to highlight in your resume. If all these above is somehow about you, you need to pay some attention to functional resume format.

Functional Resume Template 2022

Download resume template 2022 docx

Download resume template 2022 docx

Download resume template 2022 docx

Download resume template 2022 docx

Main Pros of Functional Resume Format

Sometimes you don’t want to spend your time writing a huge resume, describing your impressive or not an ideal career path. Sometimes you just only want to sell your skills and find out a company, which is going to buy them for a pretty good money. And now we would like to share with you the main cons of a skills-based resume format.

  1. Skills is all you have and skills are your main asset. You know that your hard skills are strong enough to compete with other candidates and you are ready to win.
  2. There is no need to spend HR’s time. The main resume format structure is easy to read and easy to understand the main value of the job seeker. Or you have skills or you don’t. Easy.
  3. It’s easy to conceal some your employment gaps or any other information, which you don’t want to show in your resume. With other resume formats it’s going to be not as easy, as you could expect.

Main Cons of Functional Resume Format

And now you need to know why functional resume could be a really tricky in your case. Why some candidates prefer some other formats of resume.

  1. It’s hard to estimate what value you did bring to the company. You did not placed any achievements and focused on your skills;
  2. It’s hard for a hiring manager to see your career path and it’s a really important information for HR. Because of tricky resume structure, where you highlight skills – you can’t pay enough attention to previous places of work;
  3. Hard to understand how you grew up. What was your position, when you just started at the specific company and what is your position now?

If you are sure, that functional resume is the best option for you and you are sure that it would only enhance your chances, that you could try to use it. In other cases, please read more about other formats.

Skills are your main asset. Even there is nothing else to add to a resume, skill are required minimum for this type of resume template. Maybe you have heared that some hiring managers know this type of resume as “skills-based resume template”. As you have understood from the name – skills are required here. Other content is optional, but some resume sections could help you yo increase your chances.

Who should use functional resume format:

  1. When skills are your main asset.
  2. You don’t have stable job. You used to have tons of different positions, where you gained new experience and boost skill-set.
  3. Current experience level is not enough to get more senior position. Still, some skills can be useful for hiring managers on more “junior” positions.
  4. You simply want to conceal some unemployment gaps in your resume.

Combination Resume Format 2022 (Pros & Cons)

Sometimes, there are some weird situations, when you are looking for something and you definitely knew what you are looking for..BUT in some time you understand that you miss something, you need something to mix to get the best result ever.

What are we talking about? We are talking about combination (also known as “mixed”) resume format. It was created only for those job seekers, who can’t be satisfied with all the existed resume formats on the market. They want to mix and mix AND MIX. And the most interesting thing is that could do that pretty nice. Some combination resumes could highlight all your strengths in times, if you would write your resume right way.

Candidate’s profile. To be frank, it’s really hard to overwrite an ideal profile of the job seeker, who is going to use this type of resume format. You could ask us why? Easily! Because combination resume could be an ideal solution for all the candidates, most likely for those, who tried different areas. If you changed fields, and you gained some experience and skills there, BUT you decided to try out something new and don’t want tell about that using a chronological resume – this resume format could be a good solution in your case.

Combination Resume Template 2022

Download resume format 2022 WORD

Download resume format 2022 WORD

Download resume format 2022 WORD

Download resume format 2022 WORD

Main Pros of Combination Resume Format

The main pros is obvious here. You can experiment here the way you like and nothing happend with your resume, even if you will do some mistakes. It’s a mixed resume format and you can try a mixed resume writing approach.

  1. The best option for those candidates, who would like to show both experience and skills sections. And those candidate’s have both impressive skill set as well as experience section. The don’t want to lose their chance to tell more about themselves in resume.
  2. You used to have a brilliant career path, but suddenly it was interrupted, because of some reasons. Now you don’t want to use chronological resume, but at the same time you want to conceal this gap.
  3. You want to show your reader, that skills is not the only one value you have. You want to enhance your resume, adding some achievements or awards.

Main Cons of Combination Resume Format

There are no pronounced cons of hybrid resume format. The only tricky thing could be – HR’s are trying to find out what could be wrong with a specific candidate. Why he/she decided to use exactly this format?

  1. If you have an impressive career path and you are ready to show it – it’s better to do using a combination resume.
  2. If you still believe, that your hard skills are strong enough to convince a hiring manager to call you and fight for you – it’s better to use functional resume.
  3. Hybrid resume format is really good option, BUT when you are 100% sure that one part of your resume will be a quite good addition to other and vice verse.

At the end, we want you to think one more time and make sure if this resume format is right what you are trying to find at the end.

Targeted 2022 Resume Format

Targeted resume template is the best opportunity for those candidates, whose main goal is to get more chances to get an exact position or job. For example, you have already found an outstanding job ad and trying to understand your chances to be even considered. There is when you need a targeted resume and why it could a great option for you. The main idea here is to TARGET your resume for a job ad. Doing that, hiring manager would see that you fit the most across the other candidates.

Targeted resume template 1

Targeted resume template 2

Targeted resume template 3

Targeted resume template 4

Who should use targeted resume:

  1. Your achievements are not impressive enough to show in a resume.
  2. You don’t have a hard specialisation. That’s why you need to target a resume for a specific position.
  3. There are some employment gaps, which you don’t know how to hide.

Student Resume Format 2022 (Pros & Cons)

Now we’re going to talk a bit about candidates for whom it’s going to be the first job and they would like to get it. According to some data and researches, most fresh grads are doing the same mistakes – they are trying to write their resumes using a chronological resume format. It’s not the best choice and you need to remember that.

Why a chronological resume is not the best solution right for you? Because your skills and your degree is all you have at the moment. You don’t have an impressive career path, not because you can’t do that, just only because you need some time for that. And now you need to craft your student resume, which would help you to compete with tons of other fresh grads, who aim to get the same positions.

Candidate’s profile. You are an average student or fresh grad. Maybe it’s your first job and you really don’t know where to start. Maybe you already have some temporary or part-time jobs, but it’s not what you’d like to do till your retirement. Sometimes it’s really hard for you to understand what do you want to do and where you want to work. Maybe you are looking for an internship, which is pretty interesting and popular. Anyway, you need a special resume format, which would enhance your chances. And it’s a college resume format.

Student Resume Template 2022

Download student resume 2022

Download student resume 2022
Download student resume 2022

Download student resume 2022

Main Pros of Student Resume Format

There are some main pros, which could help you, if you are going to use college resume format. But you need to understand, that all the candidates like you are quite the same. Some of your competitors for the desired position has the same skills or similar degree.

  1. Education section. Your degree is all you have at the moment. That means, that you need to pay enough attention to all the details there.
  2. Courses. What courses have you attended? Do you have some awards? Show hiring manager that you are not just an average fresher, who is looking for something. You have some interests and ready to work hard, if needed.
  3. Skills. Do you have some hard skills, which you could sell to a hiring manager? If yes, you need to highlight such information.

Main Cons of Student Resume Format

There are no cons. Try to get you first job, which would bring you happiness and professional growth.

To be frank, you have nothing. Nothing to sell to your potential employer. Everything, BUT some skills you have already gained during the time you were spending in university or your first (not serious) jobs. That’s a kind of value, which you can bring to hiring managers. We would try to offer you some resume templates, which you could simply use to enhance your chances to get a job.

Federal Resume Format 2022 (Pros & Cons)

The hardest resume format ever, but at the same time the easiest one to write a resume. You have a list of instructions, which you need to follow. There are no space for your creativity, there are specific rules, which you need to follow to get the best result.

The federal resume format is so clear, that we can’t define any pros and cons here. It all depends on the candidate’s level. If you have enough experience or you have good recommendations – you have more chances. Anyway, the government resume format – is not possible to criticize.

Video Resume Format 2022 (Pros & Cons)

Completely new approach in resume writing or better say movie-making. The most interesting thing is that if you would like to increase your chances to be seen – you need to record your video resume. It’s not like five or ten years ago, when most hiring managers could face an issue, trying to watch your resume. Now each of them has already pre-installed software to sit and watch your 3-5 minutes speech.

Some candidates still afraid to do that. BUT it’s a real trend now. And if you want to stand out from the mass of other candidates, you need to do something, you had never did before. We are more than sure, that it’s not possible to record a perfect resume from the first time. But we believe, that if you would watch some manuals – you could easily do that. And the fact is – if your video resume is impressive and convince watcher to invite you, seems like it works and HR’s invite such candidates.

Main Pros of Video Resume Format

It’s an interactive resume. The person, who watch your video resume, could easily understand who you are and have ability to assess your communication skills. And it’s really important for those candidates, who would like to sell their soft skills like: communication, easy seller or some else skills, which HR could assess somehow only watching your video resume or during an interview.

  1. Stand out from a crowd. You attract more attention, compared to some other candidates, who decided to use traditional approach and sent their CV via e-mail or submit via application form.
  2. You don’t need to spend you time on interviews. Sometimes hiring manager want to see the person first, even before they would invite you for an interview. If they will make their decision a bit faster and will understand that you are not right their candidate – you would save your time. From other hand – those, who would like to see you in their office, liked your resume.

Main Cons of Video Resume Format

Not all the hiring managers are open to watch your video resume. They are looking for more traditional way on how to recruit candidates. Even though, some HR’s would not even spend their time to watch your resume.

  1. Lack of HR’s time. They are really busy people. Instead to scan your paper or e-mail resume in 10 seconds, they would need to watch 2-4 minutes video.
  2. Not all the application forms would allow you to submit your video resume. They have got some limitations.
  3. It’s not possible to break through an ATS systems.

ATS Optimized Resume Format 2022 (Pros & Cons)

What do you know about ATS systems? Did you hear something? If yes, you could easily skip this paragraph. If you heard nothing, it’s a good idea to read more about how your resume needs to be optimized, according to the latest candidate’s searching and sorting trends.

So, what is ATS? Applicant tracking system (ATS) – is a kind of software, which was coded and widely used by a huge amount of companies to make HR’s live easier and pay their attention to the most relevant candidates. How it works and what’s inside? Nothing special. The main idea here is to save hiring managers time. The tired to get tons of different resumes and not all of them are relevant. So, such software sort resumes, using special algorithm (keyword based) inside and scan your resume. If your resume includes some of such keywords inside – you document get a score. More matches – the more score your resume get.

And after all, after all the scores were defined, ATS provide HR a report, showing which candidate is better and how they need to be scanned. That’s why you need to pay your attention to such resume content as keywords. They are really important for your resume 2022, if you would like to push your resume to a hiring manager inbox.

ATS Resume Template 2022

latest resume format
Download latest resume in WORD

Download latest resume in WORD

Download latest resume in WORD

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Personal Information

First Name and Last Name. Such information in your resume is really important to highlight. And it’s not only because it’s obvious, it’s more about how HR could easily find your resume from the mass of other candidates. Formatting your resume 2022, it’s important to use proper resume template, which was professionally made and all such details are already processes and implemented.


It’s not the most important information at any resume. Such information job seeker could provide, to help hiring manager understand the only one thing – job seeker location. There are too many stupid situations, when HR start discussing with you some details and in 30 minutes he/she understand that you are in other state and not ready to relocate.

Date of birth

To be frank, it’s not the best idea to include your date of birth to your resume. Nobody could ask you to do that. So, it’s solely up to you and you are must decide here.

Telephone number

We can’t believe that there are some candidates, who forget to include their contact information to a resume. It’s unbelievable cases, but still they are. You have enough time to check if everything is correct and after you did it – you start to apply your resume. Another good thing you need to check – if your contact information is placed correctly and easy to read. If you will use a professional resume template, you will notice, that contact information is placed near your first and last names.

E-mail address

The most stupid mistake most inexperienced job seekers do – they place not private e-mail address in their resumes. They are corporate and were created solely for corporate usage. And after you were laid off or decided to quit, you are wondering – why nobody write to me? Because they blocked your corporate e-mail address and even you set up forwarding to other e-mail address, it doesn’t work anymore.

Photo in your resume

Some job seeker doubting if they need to include a photo to their resume or not. It depends on the position you would like to obtain. For example, if you are looking for an actor or office-manager position, it’s better to include a small photo to your resume. Why? Because it would boost a consideration process and would bring you some invitation in positive scenario.


Education Section

How to write education in your 2022 resume

Some hiring managers would say you that it’s really hard to write an experience section in your resume. And sometimes it is, more over when you are a fresh grad. But when you are a specialist and faced such issue writing your new 2022 resume, there is nothing hard to do.

We would like to share with you some basic things:

  1. What is your highest degree? Do you have such information to place? If yes, you need to help HR to easily find such information in your resume.
  2. Try to place all your degrees in reverse-chronological order.
  3. There is no need to place any information about your school if you have already finished college.

What additional information to place:

  1. What exactly type of degree you received and when it was;
  2. If school was the only one place you finished, it’s better to include the school name;
  3. Location of your school. Sometimes such information is useless, but still, some HR’s would like to see that;
  4. When you graduated.

Also, we would like to mention an interesting thing. Some candidates are including GPA to their resumes. It’s optional. You don’t need to include that. If hiring manager would like to clarify such information, he or she would do that during an interview.

Work Experience Section

How to write experience in resume

When candidates hear about the structure of experience section, they usually start panic and don’t know where to start. It’s not the hardest section. It’s really easy. Or you have something to show or interest your potential employee, or you have nothing. And that’s it.

The general structure is really simple:

Start date – End date (or till now)

Position name

Key responsibilities | Key areas you managed or 2-3 sentences about what you did and what you achieved on this position.

What else could be useful:

  • Overwriting your main responsibilities, remember to use keywords in your resume. It’s a good idea to enhance and optimize your resume for an ATS machines.
  • Skills, which are relevant, must be stressed using bold or italic. You should sell them! If you would not do that, somebody else will.
  • Avoid to using buzzwords. They will not make your resume better, but even they would invite you for an interview – they could ask you to provide some comment regarding buzzwords you included.

Resume Achievements Section

How to show achievements in resume

Each resume is a kind of a marketing document and we have already mentioned such information before. Each candidate is looking for a job and each candidate is trying to sell his/her candidacy as expensive, as it’s really possible.
And when we’re talking about a good way on how to enhance your chances to be the one of the candidates, who would get a call from a hiring manager – achievement resume section is quite good opportunity to prove hiring manager. How? You need to tell them why you are the best and you need to show them the value you could bring if they would hire you.

That’s why it’s really important to quantify your achievements. Nobody knows who you are, untill number would say instead of you. And there are tons of ways on how to show your achievements in numbers. You were a sales manager? Show them how much you earned or how you developed market in some numbers. Let them feel the power to understand what kind of fish you are.

Resume Skills Section

Each candidate has a skills set. And each skills set is unique. Skills – is a kind of a profile of each candidate. Skills are divided into two main groups. The first group – is soft skills. And the second one group – is hard skills.

Why they are divided into two main group? Because of some reasons. And let us tell you more about how the differ.

HARD skills – skills, which are able to measure or check. For example, you are java developer and you have a hard skill – “java”. Technical specialist is able to check your level to understand your level. So, “java” or “sql” – both of them could be your hard skills.

SOFT skills – skills. Which are hard to check, before you start communicate with candidate or it’s possible to understand during a probation period. Such skills like “problem solving” or “communication” – are soft skills.

Resume references

To be frank, we can’t remember any hiring manager, who is going to spend time, checking references in your resume, before they would invite you for an interview. And it’s not the best idea to leave such information in your resume. If they would like to clarify such information, they could easily do that, during an interview process.

WHY They Reject Your Resume 2022

Sometimes, to do some steps forward, you need to look around and understand what you did wrong. That’s why you need to keep in your mind, what kind of mistakes other job seekers did and why they were instantly rejected by a hiring managers.

resume 2022 rules
Don’t make mistakes they did! Because we want you to get this job

Look at all these reasons above to make sure, you will not do such mistakes. Check twice, before you’re going to send your resume, if it’s not contain any spelling mistakes or typos. It’s not acceptable.

Pay Attention to resume 2022 Details

What makes a good resume? We can’t give right one and correct answer on this question. This is more like number of different facts, which could bring you something or lose, if you would do something wrong. BUT in general, there are some common rules, which we would like to share with you.

  1. Don’t stop targeting. We say that to all our clients and would like to tell that once again – TAILOR your resume as much, as it’s possible. When you apply for a specific job and you feel, that there are some details, which you could possibly target for this job – do that immediately.
  2. Your resume is easy to read. This is the one and really important factor, which saved tons of candidates and bring them new jobs. If your resume is not possible even to read – hiring manager would not spend his/her time, trying to find out who you are and what are you looking for.
  3. Concise, but interesting. There is no need to include in your resume tons of useless content, like buzzwords or obvious facts. Respect HR’s time. They don’t need to read such thing daily. Show them only what they would like to see and nothing more.
  4. No need to invite your own resume template. There are tons of professionally made resume templates, which you could easily download in docx resume format and use for your needs.

Most Common Resume 2022 Mistakes

As we have already mentioned above, your resume is a kind of a marketing document. You are trying to sell your candidacy in the most effective and profitable way. All you need to do now – is to not repeat mistakes the same candidates did before. It’s somebody’s mistakes, not yours. Now, let’s see some of the most common on the diagram below.

What resume mistakes are better to omit to get the job?

Resume 2022 Format Rules

Seems like it’s a good moment to discuss another and not less important information about your resume. Now we’re going to talk about formatting of a resume. We will share with you the best practices and will tell you what mistakes are better to omit. Our main goal here – to make your resume easy to read. Because this factor is really important for the hiring manager, unless you are writing a resume for an ATS.

Sensible e-mail address

We saw too many cases, when job seekers forgot at all that they are looking for a new job and used so weird e-mail addresses..First time it was really funny, until something “click” in your head and you start judging a candidate, only because he/she decided to use a completely inappropriate e-mail.

Moreover, some candidates includes a their working email addresses. And it’s not funny, it’s a reality. What are you thinking about? Do you still believe your boss is not able to watch you correspondence with a hiring manager? Even you are not in an active job searching process, you should not do that. Use your personal email address.

BAD EMAIL to include to your resume

And many more unprofessional emails we wound daily in candidate’s resumes. And if you have something like that in your resume – the first thing you should do is to change it.

A good example of a professional e-mail address


Resume Content Tricks

Bullets. Crafting your resume, you should remember that somebody is going to read it. And your main goal here is to make your resume easy to read. Bullets – is a good choice to separate or to structure information across your document. Use them if there are some parts of your document has too many plain text. Help reader to read information.

Hobbies. Is a really huge topic, but not for now. Hobbies in your resume – it’s like a small signals to a hiring manager about your interests. They know that you could not be honest and not all you included there is true. BUT still, it’s a general information. And the best solution here is to include some of hobbies you like the best.

Range of interests. Be careful. Some candidates do a huge mistake in their resumes, when they start writing about their interests. The problem is – you need to show a wide range of interests, if you don’t want to embarrass hiring manager and let him/her talk with you about something, they a not familiar with.

Resume Length – Myths and Facts

Most of candidates asking us the same question too many times. And do you know what? The are doubting about what length of their resume should be. Some of them say that one page resume is not enough to show all their career path and hiring manager would guess why your resume is too short. Some of them believe that your resume should be not more than two pages – and they are right.

According to the latest trends, most job seekers are trying to use one page resume. It’s not a rule for all. Because if you are writing a federal resume, you would need up to 5 pages to finish your resume. And it’s not about how much content you could show to a hiring manager. There is no problem in content, the problem is in time HR’s would like to spend scanning your resume. If your resume is concise and you stress all the most important parts of your resume, hiring manager would have more chances to see them.

Two page resume – How to do that

There are some cases, when you believe that it’s not possible to shrink your resume length. Because of too many reasons. Some of them are really weird, but some are reasonable. Maybe you would like to show the whole career path, and you need to have enough space to wonder your hiring manager. BUT, sometimes, you don’t need too many pages for that. All you need – to use some tricks, formatting a resume 2022.

  1. Are you using MS Word for your resume? If yes, we would like to tell you, that you are able to change margins inside document. Try to change them a have a look how many empty space are possible to retrieve from one page.
  2. Resume font. It’s another good way on how to optimize space inside your resume document. Based on what font you picked for your resume, you see how your resume lengths differ.
  3. Font size matters. You should remember that hiring manager is not going to read your resume, if you would like to do some experiments using 8pt font. BUT 11pt size is a good choice.
  4. Bullets. If you have structured information, try to use bullets to make the screening process much easier and to optimize space inside your document.
  5. Columns. If you want to compare some projects or to split some activities, do not hesitate to use columns. It’s the best option to for comparison activities.
  6. Spacing. Make sure you are not using double spacing in your resume. In other way, you would need much more pages that you could even expect.

At the end, before you would like to submit your resume, proofread it twice. Maybe there are some words, which are useless and you’d better to remove from your resume.

Resume Fonts 2022 – Which one to use?

We faced an issue, when one job seeker wrote to us and asked: “Hey guys, i already knew what to write in my resume. I don’t need help here, but i’m curious about what font to use in my resume. Do you have some ideas here?” We were wondered and decided to create a dedicated block about resume fonts.

So, as you have already understood, here we’re going to talk a bit about resume fonts and how to use them in your resume to bring you value. And the first thing we’re going to start here – different types of fonts.

resume 2022 fonts
Do you know how different fonts looks like?

As you can see from the picture above, different fonts have different sizes, even they have the same size – 11 pt. Which one to choose is absolutely up to you, but we recommend you to pick fonts from the sans family.

Resume 2022 Fonts – Common Rules

The most used resume font – Times New Roman. It’s the one of the most used and standard fonts in MS Word. It’s Microsoft “serif” font. We can’t say that it’s the best choice. Because it’s not easy to read it. Those job seekers, who like it – should use it, but we would recommend you to try some else.

  1. Arial – is the most used resume font according to the latest polls among hiring managers. It’s easy to read and without curly bits on the letters. Also, if you liked such family of fonts, you should consider “Verdana”.
  2. Be careful with the custom fonts. They could be really attractive, but some of them could be tricky in case of ATS systems. During the recognition by algorithms – it could return weird results or errors. So, if you are sure, that hiring manager will receive your resume in his/her inbox directly, you could try.
  3. Font size matter. Don’t listen to other job seekers, who could tell you to use largest font size possible. It’s not the best idea, even you have not enough information for the whole A4 page. The normal font size is 12 points. It’s not too large and not small at the same time.
  4. It’s optimal font size for your resume. In some cases, it’s possible to use 11 pt size.
  5. Try to avoid really small fonts like 8 pt or 9 pt fonts. They looks really small and hard to read.

As you already understood, there are no difficult rules. There are some basics, which you’d better to follow to get what you need to get. And you are looking for a hiring manager’s attention and for a new job at the final result.

Targeted Resume 2022 – Key To Success

When you are writing your resume, most likely you write just one document and believe it’s a general CV, which is tailored for all the job positions. BUT you are completely wrong, because you lose your chances to be considered and to chosen as interesting candidate.

While some others tailoring their resume for a specific job positions, you still submitting one general resume. No, it’s not the right tactic and you’d better to change it. Why? Simply because each position is unique and if you would tailor your CV (skills. Relevant experience or some hobbies) for the position you would like to get – the more chances you will have.

Cover Letter 2022

Cover letter is a good way to show your interest in opened position and demonstrate your presentation skills. Even more, some hiring managers adore cover letters, because they could show them the way you think and your willingness to get desired position. So, please do not hesitate to write an outstanding cover letter.

LinkedIn profile

Another outstanding opportunity for a job search could be a well-crafted LinkedIn profile. It’s a good opportunity to scan the market and at the same time to be in a passive job search. You need to be prepared for that activity and polish your profile. It’s not a hard task to do, because it has easy to understand resume builder inside, which would do everything instead of you.

Anyway, we DO believe, that this article was useful for you and hope you will recommend it to your friends or other people who are in an active job search at the moment. So, if you liked it, do not hesitate to share it. Thank you and good luck in a job search!

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