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Resume Tips for 2022 – 2022

Looks like New Year it’s a good challenge for those, who decided to change their job and find something new for themselves. If you’re looking for a some new opportunities, it’s a good idea to craft your resume 2022. You may ask yourself, why should i change my resume year to year and does it worth it? Definitely, it is! Because, every year the resume writing rules and trends changes. And it’s really important to be in trend if you would like to impress hiring manager and attract his or her attention this year or even in 2022.

When we’re are talking about something to redo – the hardest thing is your resume. The first and the most important rule – you should keep your resume updated, so you would not need to bring extra efforts to remember all you responsibilities, duties and achievements.  After, you need to open a new document and start writing. If you don’t know what you should start with, it’s a really good idea to pick a resume 2022 template and make your evening much easier.
Today we decide to provide you with some interesting resume writing tips of 2022 year, which could be useful for you, if you want to land the job this year and impress HR during an interview. Do not hesitate, let’s move on to the resume tips below.

Resume Layout 2022

Some recruiters last year said that resume layout is not the most important part of your resume. Moreover, they said – it would never help you to land the job, only because your resume is colored and other candidates didn’t use the same resume formatting approach.
Maybe they are right, but we do believe – if you want to stand out from a crowd this year and you want to impress you HR – colored resume layout 2022 is the best thing, which could help you to solve this problem.
The good idea here is to split your experiment. What should you do and how to measure? Write the same resume, but use different formats (one colored and onter one – black&white). Measure responses from HR, who received colored format and B&W resume format. We are sure – you’ll be amazed with the result if such experiment.

Target your Resume

Writing your resume in the years of 2022 – 2023 it’s really important to target your resume for a specific position. In more and more cases – general resume is not so effective, compared with a targeted resume.
Try to concentrate more on your skills and what you’re going to include into your resume. Our partner (senior resume writer, CPRW) – said that it’s really important to write two or more resumes tailored for a specific positions.

Tell a story, but not too long

Most likely you can see such approach in cover letters, but effectiveness of such approach is proven, when we’re talking about summary block. Candidates are trying to tell a short story 5-6 sentences in summary block, providing some facts, numbers and percents.
Looks like, such format is really effective and HR’s invite these candidates more often.

Resume is relevant to job ad

How do you feel, when  you asked for a white glass of wine, but the waiter bring you red one? Not good we think. The same situation is with your resume. You are a bus driver, but you are trying to be considered for a hairdresser job. Do you still think they would consider your candidacy? We don’t think so.

Most important info at the top

This resume rule 2022 – is still the most important in resume writing. If you have to say something important – do it at the top of your resume. Why? Because hiring manager do not spend tons of time, reading your resume and looking for some extra block with hidden information there.

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