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TOP 5 Resume trends 2022

As you know, the first impression is really important if we’re talking about resume writing. What does it mean? It means – you would not lose a chance to impress your intentional employer or hiring manager, while he or she would read it in their mailbox. The problem is: most of job seekers don’t know what is in trend now. What is better to use to impress recruiter and what things are better to omit, if you don’t want to see you resume in trash folder. So, we Decided to prepare a top 5 resume trends 2022, which would help you not only to impress, but probably to get a call form the recruiter. We hope so!
Now, we dont want to talk about how you should act during an interview, because they still dint invite you or you’re waiting for the feedback. We hope, you’re not upset, because they they did not provide you with any feedback. If so, please read this article and relax, bad things happened, but lets see it in a positive light. Ok, let’s start, what do you think?

Winning Resume Trends 2022

While such criteria as resume format, an outstanding resume template and professionally crafted and polished keywords are still crucial – our main goal is to update you with the latest resume trends 2022. Each job seeker must be updated what’s going on on the labor market today and what hiring managers are looking in your resume 2022. Maybe our post would completely change your approach in writing or editing a resume.

During the last five years, we tried to follow the latest resume trends. If you could remember them, there was a time, when a cover letter was one of the crucial factors to get the job. Times changed and not all you did five or more years ago is still good to use today. What do you know about the current resume trends today and what are you going to do to update your resume according to the latest trends in resume writing 2022?

We have already known, that you are not fully updated about how to polish your resume 2022, according to the latest resume trends. That’s why we decided to prepare a list of the most important resume trends for you. Follow them to keep your resume in trendy.

Resume format 2022 is already chosen?

Way back when, a resume format was not the most important thing you should keep in mind, while you were writing a resume. Even though, there was the only one format for each resume. If you can’t remember, that resume format was called a chronological. It was well known by all the hiring managers and job seekers as well, but at the same time it could not give you some advantages for some specific cases.

You could simply ask us, why a resume format is still should be in the list of the most important resume trends 2022? That’s pretty simple. Choosing a resume format, you should understand that hiring managers are looking for your accomplishments and achievements. They are not going to read your resume for ages. If they simply could not find any useful information, which could answer such question like: “ Why should we hire that candidate, and how he/she could help our organisation?” – your resume is not well organized.

We hope that you remember a 6 seconds rule. where is simple rule – if hiring manager could not find any useful information in your resume my during a 6 seconds, you have missed your chance. Choosing a professional resume format 2022, you should keep this rule in your mind.

Remember that there is not only a chronological resume format. There are tons of different resume templates, which could be polished and edited, according to your position and career path.

Resume Template is Matter

Content over design. That’s what all hiring managers say every day. But does it really make sense, when a hiring manager can’t remember what’s your name after reading your resume just two minutes ago? In today’s competitive World, job seekers should fight for hiring manager’s attention. You can be an outstanding candidate to fit a desired position, but you have nothing, if your resume template is not attractive enough to catch hiring managers attention.

Simple, structured, well organized and easy to read - this is the main goals of any resume template 2022.

Nobody wants to read a hard and best ratchet resume. If you want to be on the top, you need to think about how to make your resume are simple to read. Hiring managers are pretty busy people, that’s why they will want to read an easy-to-read resumes. Simply, they don’t have time to find out the information in your document. You should do that instead of them.To avoid the most common mistakes all the job seekers do, we decided to prepare a list of things you need to follow to make your resume 2022 structured better.

  1. There is no need to invite a bicycle. I’m a professional resume templates, designed by a professional resume writers. Make your resume looks professional and easy to read.
  2. Nobody could ask you add photo to your resume. And there is no need to do that on your own. First of all, any photo is hard to be recognized by ATS systems.
  3. Try to avoid oh really creative phones for your resume. It’s also hard to be recognized by ATS systems.
  4. Use formatting. Such things like bullets and bones could help you to make your resume much easier to read and well-structured.

best resume example 2022 formatresume format 2022 sample

No address, No references, No age

That’s pretty funny things but still they make sense. Too many candidates do the same mistakes of the daily basis. They are trying to include things which are not necessary for hiring managers. Doing that, they are doing bad for themselves, stealing space in their resumes.

The first and the most trending is references. We even can’t remember that time when they are war first post about why you should not use references on your resume. Still, there are some job seekers, who are breaking the rule till now. Nobody needs your prayers like “references upon request”. If hiring manager would like to have references, they will call to your ex-boss and get them.

Another story is about your location. it’s really good practice to add the city you live in, but there is no need to add exact address to your resume.

ATS optimized resume in 2022

You never can be sure, that your resume will be read by a human at first. Nowadays, companies are widely using ATS systems to optimize their stuff time. You need to be ready that your resume will be read by a machine first, and only then a hiring manager would see that in their inbox.

To win the game, you need to be ready to prepare and adapt your resume for such machines. It’s not hard to do, if you know what to do. Each applicant tracking system algorithm is based on keywords. The more keywords or add it to your resume, the more relevant candidate you are from the system perspective.

You should remember that at the end a human will read your resume, not a machine. And the final decision will be made by a recruiter, not a machine. So, do not overstuff your resume with tons of different keywords. Some of them are more than enough to guarantee you an appearance in HR’s inbox.

Measure your success

Sometimes, it’s really hard for hiring manager to understand how good candidate you are, based on the your resume. You need to help them to assess your candidacy. You could ask us how? And we are here to help you to answer this not simple question.

First of all, hiring managers are trying to understand how good you are based on your skills, accomplishments, achievements awards and so on. But, is much easier for them to understand your strength, if you could show them your real proven results. That’s all about achievements section in your resume. Are there any things you can brag with?

Nobody wants to read your experience section, if it’s not only the huge corporations and if you were not the big boss over there. For example, if you are an average sales manager, the only one thing they should understand how much you sell and how effective you were. Can you show them how you increase your sales targets previous year? Or maybe you can tell them in numbers how many people you managed and how infective they were?

Show them numbers, show them results and you will guarantee to get your job without any doubts.

1 – Highlight accomplishments

Hiring managers are people, who could smell good employee everywhere. How? The first rule is define if the’re dealing with result-oriented employee  or you’re just process-oriented employee. What is the main difference between such two types of persons. Ok, let’s add more details. How to understand who you are? The only one way  – to see how you describe your summary or accomplishments.
Process-oriented person: I was working on
Result-oriented person: It was done and the result was XYZ
It’s good you are ready to do some routine work, but hiring managers pay their attention more on result-oriented candidates. Why? Because nobody care what were you doing, it’s important on what was done. And that’s it! And this is one of the most important point in our resume trends 2022 list.
If you want to attract more attention to this block, you can easily add some visual components or some frames to highlight it. But do not overwhelm it!

2 – Relevant work experience first

As you already know, if we’re talking about chronological resume 2022 or some other resume formats 2022, it’s important to add your work experience in chronological order. But, according to the latest resume trends 2022 it’s not a good idea. Do you know why? Because if you Decided to change your career or seeking for a new opportunities in new field, its important to stress only relevant experience. Hiring managers are interested in candidates with relevant experience, if only you’re not a fresher and looking for an internship. So, it could be a good chance to try such approach to experiment and assess response rate. By the way, if nobody get back to you, its time to work on your resume and understand whats wrong with your resume. Read more about how you could improve it.

3 – Video resume in 2022

It’s one of the latest and the most interesting approach from the resume trends 2022.  As you know, the best way to sell yourself is to show how good you are live. Live? Yeah, just create a video resume. There’re tons of tools, where you could record a video presenting yourself. It should not be long, it’s not a movie about Star Wars, just 2-3 minutes, to tell your potential employer what was your main achievements and what kind of job are you looking for. Do you think it doesn’t work? If yes, you’re wrong! Because video resumes are not so common and hiring managers look them first, before they came back to scan your boring white&black resumes!

4 – Resume templates. Worth to use?

According to the latest polls, hiring manager on average spent 6 seconds to understand who you are and if vacant position is for you. What could you do to let the hiring manager keep your resume in his or her mind? Another one tricky approach from our resume trends 2022 list – resume template 2022. Why? We don’t think you’ll remember some candidates with irrelevant experience and black&white resumes. With exclusive and outstanding resume template – you will!

5 – LinkedIn profile development

Oh, are you still without LinkedIn profile? It’s not a good idea if you want to boost your job search. Hiring manager are not looking for resume only, it’s really important for them whats going on around you, what do you do for living and many other aspects you will never add to your resume. Are you in some professional groups? How many connections do you have at the moment? Skills? Stop wasting time – create LinkedIn profile now and increase your chances!

Upcoming 2022 Resume Trends

ome people would say that it’s too optimistic, but we believe that 2022 year is a year of new opportunities for a job seekers. And not only for those, who are in active job search and in a rush trying to find the best job, according to their needs. We are also talking about those job seekers, who are in passive search. They are working on their position and slowly scanning interesting offers on a labor market.

As you already knew, or maybe it’s the first time you decided to find an interesting opportunity – an average job search project can take you around six months. And if you are serious about to change your job, you need be completely prepared for this quite hard challenge. First of all – you need to be ready for a sudden circumstances. What does it mean? It means – your resume pack must be already polished and ready to provide upon request. Do you have issues on how to write a resume or to get the latest resume format?

resume 2022 soft skills
Have you already included all your soft skills? If not, boost your 2022 resume with the most attractive skills for HR’s

Really good news is that all the processes keep stayed the same. They didn’t change completely. You know how to write an outstanding resume, you know how to format your resume and to tailor it for a desired position. BUT what was changed since that time?

Where you need to pay attention to:

  • Social presence
  • Skills you gained
  • Technologies in trend

Some HR’s would say that you need to pay more attention to your resume content and to care more about what’s inside. But today we’re talking about trends. About what will be in demand in the nearest five or ten years starting from today. That doesn’t mean you need to change your life completely, but at least you need to pay attention to such trends.

What Resume 2022 Trends TO FOLLOW

Social Media Presence

You need to remember one rule, which works most likely for the all of the job seekers. You are the BRAND. Each person is a brand itself. And such trend grow year to year and became stronger all the time. And if you still don’t have any social profile, you need seriously think about that and start doing something. Even though, job seekers, who are pretending for a senior positions must have LinkedIn profiles.

It’s a good practice to include your social profiles to your resume. They would only enhance your candidacy and would bring you more chances. BUT you need to be really careful, if your you use your social profile for non-professional usage. Let’s say – for personal or for fun. In that case, it’s not the best idea to share your Facebook profile with the person, who is going to decide to invite you for an interview or better to find other candidates.

Even you have your Facebook profile for a personal usage only and didn’t share it in your resume, polish it before you will start your job search. Hiring managers are tricky people, they would use Google to search your profile to get an extra information about you.

Are there some others ways to increase your presence in social media? Yes, they are. And the other good tool for that stuff – Twitter. You have a great possibility to write your own content. If you feel not comfortable to post your own content, you can easily share or re-post some other’s or follow some other user, showing your professional interests and trust.

IN Trend Technologies

Anything you do in your life or at work, is done using some technologies. And we’re not talking about some hard things like IT sphere or NASA-like things. We’re talking about to be in trend.

You need to keep your ears open to everything new what is coming across of you and your interests. And doesn’t matter if such interests are hobbie-like or professional. Remember one important thing – hiring managers are not looking for candidates, who are “hanging” and do not pay enough attention to something new. They are looking for people, who are running for something new, to keep moving forward for something new. If you will show them your interest and willingness to get something new- it’s going to be a huge additional point to your profile.

Emotional Intelligence

We do believe, you have already heard something about that. If not, it should be really interesting for you. What are we going to talk about is emotional intelligence. What is that and why do you need to pay attention to that? Hiring managers do not hire a person with skills only, they are hiring a human, better to say colleague. The person, who will not only do daily tasks, but would also be able to be a team player. Those guy or girl, who could ask questions and help to other colleagues. That’s why it’s important to include some soft skills to your resume as well.

You could be a really rare specialist in your area with a proven hard skills, but not all the companies would like to hire you. Why? Because they are not looking for a “hard skills candidate – aka robot”, they are looking for a “live” person, who is able to communicate and share emotions.

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