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How to create an outstanding video resume 2022

How video resume 2022 could help you?

Writing a good 2022 resume could not be an easy task, as many job seekers assume. It’s a hard work you should do to get what you want. In today’s world, when the competition between the candidates is really high and you need to bring extra effort to get job you want – you need to think about some new resume writing approaches.

What are the new approaches could be? No, we’re not talking about resume writing services or any other paid services, which could help you to solve you problems (you’ll be lucky, if you you’ll get what you want for the money you paid). We’re talking about how to STAND OUT from a crowd and get a calls from a hiring managers. That’s why today we’re going to talk about video resume 2022 format and what should you do to enhance your job searching results.

Compared to other resume 2022 formats, video resume format is not the same as others. It would need from you more efforts to bring on the start, but all the time you invested will turn back to you. You will GET the results. BUT you need to be careful, because if it would be done in unprofessional way, nobody will call you. Anyway, if you are ready to risk and try a new approach in job searching – we’re ready to share with you our experience on how to make a video resume 2022.

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Resume Trend 2022: Video Resume?

According to the last statistic – more and more candidates using their video resume in 2022. That’s why we decided to prepare some interesting tips on how to create a winning video resume 2022 easier and for free. But if you would like to use some services, be ready to spend on av. $200-$350 based on the location of the studio and script.

Send resume to those who want to get it

You need to understand the one main thing – if your video resume is already created, it doesn’t mean all the hiring managers will watch it and invite you for an interview. Not all positions are the same and not all the hiring managers would like to spend time to watch a video.

Once your video resume is already crafted and polished, you need to do a small research to understand next things:

  • Which companies are creative enough to consider your video resume;
  • Does your position creative enough? Do you really need video resume;
  • Are there some other candidates who tried to do the same? (youtube or vimeo will help you to understand that).

After a small research, you know what to. First of all – you need to understand that your video 2022 resume will be seen by a hiring manager and this format of application is not alien for that company. In other case, you will be disappointed. Because you spend your time, you send your video resumes, but you don’t get a calls.

Present yourself – DON’T simply read

Let’s try to understand the main value from the video resume. The main point of any video resume – is to present your candidacy into more effective way. To show both communication and representation skills. The way you can’t present yourself – not read! This is the main value. There are some opinions, that when a hiring manager see the way you communicate, reactions, ton of voice and so on.. – the more attention you get. And video resume is the best option for you here. Because you can do that before they call you and invite you for an interview.

And seems like everything is cool, BUT if you don’t recording you video resume 2022, while you’re sitting on the chair and reading a text for the sheet of paper. If you do this way – it’s not a video resume, it’s just a video record. You need to talk to the people, who are going to watch your video. You don’t need to read them.

If you still want to read to them and you can’t talk to them – it’s better to leave all your beginnings with a video resume. You would get much better results using a traditional resume formats.

It’s not a full-length movie

Most job seekers, who have never did a video resume before do the same mistake. They are trying to add too much content into their video resume. You can ask us, why it’s bad to tell a bit more to your employee?

Because of the next reasons:

  1. Hiring manager could simply have no time to watch your 10 minutes video;
  2. Don’t vague your value. If they would like to clarify some information, let the invite you for an interview. You will have more chances there to present yourself.
  3. You need to keep their interest. We’re not sure, you could do that during the whole video.

Make your video resume short and “meaty”. No need to tell them all about yourself, since your childhood till the present time. All the most relevant and interesting information. In other case, they will simply close your video after few seconds. The rule is 20-30 seconds.

Be creative – don’t be dull

Nobody wants to watch a video, where a guy or a girl is trying to tell something without any enthusiasm in their eyes or creative idea. You will be surprised, but the most creative video resumes are the most creative.

Even you do something weird, don’t shy. Bring your creative idea to them and they will share your video with their colleagues. It really works.

Tips on how to do a professional video resume easy:

  • Prepare for a professional resume, dress in formal attire. It should be like an interview.
  • We’re not making a movie, your video resume should not be long. Up to three minutes max, no longer. Hiring manager is not going to watch Star Wars today.
  • Look at camera, not in the window
  • Close the door if you’re doing that in your room. Ask your family to be quite. It would be not cool to hear your dad screaming, while he watching football.
  • Speak in normal speed. Too slow – bad. Too fast – bad too.
  • Find a good background to record a video. It shouldn’t be overloaded with some trash.
  • Prepare a script before you would start presenting yourself. It’s not a good idea to improvise.
  • Remember to start with your Name and Last name. Hiring manager must know who you are.
  • Tell your hiring manager why are you the best for this position and what value you could bring to the company.
  • Say “Thank you!” before the end.

Where to upload and store your video resume 2022

The easiest way to share your video resume with recruiters is to upload it to well-known job portals like Jobtes or CareerBuilder or alike. This is the easiest way, but you need to create an account. Some candidates prefer to use youtube to solve this issue. Also you can share a dropbox or google drive link. There is no reason where, but make sure HR’s can access your video.

How to promote your video resume in 2022

It’s not a hard thing to create your resume, even it’s a video resume. The most hard thing starts when we’re talking about how to promote your resume online. And here is a small advice: Before you would start distributing your video resume, ask somebody to review it. Maybe they would help you to avoid epic fails or smth else.

Once your resume is ready to be uploaded on the web, here are some basic methods on how to increase your online presence:

  • Remember to add a link to your video resume in your paper version.
  • Send your video version of resume to recruiter.
  • Add a link in your LinkedIN profile.

Anyway, video resume is better than paper version and according to the latest resume trends in 2022 – it would help you to land the job faster and easier.

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