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What resume skills to use in resume 2022

Resume skills

When you prepare your resume in 2022, you should pay your attention to a skill-set, you’re going to use. Why is important and how it should be done the right way?
The main goal of each hiring manager is not only find a candidate who will fit required hard skills, but the person who would be a team player,  good listener and a part of a big team. It’s not so easy to do. So, let’s talk about how you could help recruiter to find  such skills in your resume and understand who you are.
Let’s start from the beginning and try to understand what is the difference between soft skills and hard skills and how to Mayarate them in your 2022 resume?

Resume 2022 hard skills

Hard skills – it’s a kind of resume skills or better say abilities that are easy to check, asking you to pass a small test or technical interview. During the interview process, hard skills are usually checked by the department manager or some other technical specialist.  Lets us provide you with some examples of hard skills:
– Knowledge’s in some scripting technologies
– Certificates (Sales, Management or any others)
– Foreign language
As you can see, it’s a part of your CL and main responsibilities inside your job descriptions, so it is not hard for a hiring manager to find them.

Resume 2022 soft skills

What is soft resume skills? It’s another part of skills inside your 2022 resume, which are much harder to quantify. Be ready for the tricky questions from the hiring manager, if you add them too much and they’re irrelevant.
Typical soft skills are:
– Time management
– Staff management
– Leadership
How recruiter can check if you’re good leader on the first interview? It’s impossible! But, be ready for some fetches. If you added “Time management” as a soft skill, hiring manager could offer you to do a prioritization of some tasks the way you think it should be done.

Soft resume skills VS hard resume skills in resume 2022?

Most of job seekers asking the same question: “It’s better to add more soft skills or hard skills to get hired or just to get a phone call?” There is no correct answer, but hiring managers offer to show more soft skill. Why? Because hard skills are much  easy to train.

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